Receive a Send

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    Unlike traditional Bitwarden Vault items, a Send can be received and opened by anyone with the Send link (including those who do not have Bitwarden accounts). Send links are randomly generated, and will look something like this:

    •, which will automatically resolve to https://vault.bitwarden/com/#/send/...
    • if you’re self-hosting

    These links can be opened in any modern web browser, and will open a simple no-navigation web page, for example:

    A received Send
    A received Send

    Depending on the options configured by the Sender, the recipient of a Send may be required to:

    • Enter a Password to access the contents of the Send.
    • Manually toggle visibility on a hidden-text Send.

    When a Send has been deleted, expired, or disabled, recipients who attempt to use the generated Send link will be shown a screen that reports the Send does not exist or is no longer available:

    A deleted, expired, or disabled Send
    A deleted, expired, or disabled Send