Migration Procedures

Category: On-premises Hosting
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    This article will walk your through migration procedures if you’re moving from Cloud to On-premises, or from on-premises to Cloud.

    Migrate Cloud to On-premises

    When migrating from the Cloud to an on-premises instance:

    1. Install and Deploy Bitwarden to your on-premises server.
    2. Download your Enterprise Organization License from the Cloud Web Vault and use it to Create an Organization in your on-premises instance.
    3. Export your Data from the Cloud Web Vault.
    4. Import your Data to your on-premises instance to automatically create Collections, Vault items, and their associations.
    5. Create User Groups manually in your on-premises instance.
    6. Start Inviting Users to your Organization.

    Migrate on-premises to Cloud

    When migrating from an on-premises instance to the Cloud:

    1. Create an Organization in the Cloud Web Vault.
    2. Create User Groups and Invite Users to your Organization to mirror your on-premises instance.
    3. Export your Data from your on-premises instance. Encourage your users to export their personal Vaults as well.
    4. Import your Data to the Cloud.
    5. Manually migrate (download from on-premises and upload to Cloud) any stored attachments.