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    If you lose access to the device or method that you use for Two-step Login, you can recover your account using a Two-step Login Recovery Code. If you have your Recovery Code, see Two-step Recovery Code to learn how to use it to recover your account.

    I Don’t Have a Recovery Code

    If you’ve lost your Two-step Login Device and don’t have a Recovery Code, there is unfortunately no way for the team to recover the account or the data therein. You will need to delete your account and start a new one.


    If you’re using any Bitwarden client applications (Mobile Apps, Browser Extensions, etc.) you should check whether any of these sessions are still logged in prior to deleting your account. If a client application is still logged in, Export Vault Data to a file for import into a new account.

    Complete the following steps to delete your account:


    This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

    1. Navigate to vault.bitwarden.com/#/recover-delete.
    2. Enter the Email Address associated with your account.
    3. In your email inbox, open the email and verify that you want to delete this Bitwarden account.

    Once deleted, you’re free to create a new Bitwarden account with that email address. If you delete a Bitwarden account that has a Premium subscription associated with it, Contact Us and we’ll reapply your existing subscription to the new account.

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