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    Importing data directly into a Bitwarden Organization is a simple procedure:

    1. Open your Organization and navigate to the Tools tab.
    2. From the left menu, select the Import Data option.
    3. From the first dropdown, select the format of the import file.

      Any option that you select will populate instructions for how to obtain the file for import. This article will focus on importing generic .CSV files. For information on other file formats, see:

      When importing a generic .CSV, create a UTF-8 encoded plaintext file with the following header to set the format:


      For example,

      "Social,Marketing",login,Twitter,,,,[email protected],password123,
      "Finance",login,My Bank,Bank PIN is 1234,"PIN: 1234",,john.smith,password123456,
      ,login,EVGA,,,,[email protected],fakepassword,TOTPSEED123
      ,note,My Note,"This is a secure note.",,,,,
    4. Select the Browse… button and select the file for import from your file navigator, or paste the contents of the file for import into the provided text input field.
    5. Select the Import Data button.


    If you get the following error:

    Ciphers[X].Login: The field **yyyy** exceeds the maximum encrypted value of **zzzz** characters.

    An item in your .CSV exceeds the size limit allowed for items stored in the Bitwarden Vault. Remove the offending item from your file for import, or reduce its size. You can open the .CSV in a text editor or spreadsheet program for easy editing, and locate the offending item at index[X] as referenced in the error message.

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