I Forgot my Master Password

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    As described in the Your Master Password article, Bitwarden has no knowledge of, way to retrieve, or way to reset your Master Password.

    If you’ve already lost your Master Password, there is unfortunately no way for anyone to recover the account or the data stored in your Personal Vault unless you’re enrolled in Organization Master Password Reset or have a designated trusted emergency contact. You will need to delete your account and start a new one.


    Before deleting your account:

    First, use the Get master password hint link if you have a hint setup. Hints will be emailed to the email address associated with your account. If you don’t have a hint setup, you’ll get an email reporting this.

    Second, if you’re having issues logging in with a Bitwarden client application, try logging in using another type of client, or on another device.

    Third, if you have a designated Trusted Emergency Contact established using Emergency Access, get in contact with them to regain Read or Takeover access to your account. Or, if your Organization uses Admin Password Reset, reach out to an administrator.

    Lastly, if you’re using any Bitwarden client applications (Mobile Apps, Browser Extensions, etc.), you should check whether any of these sessions are still logged in prior to deleting your account. If a client application is still logged in, you should manually catalogue your Vault items to preserve your data.

    If you weren’t able to gain access to your Vault, complete the following steps to delete your account:

    1. Navigate to vault.bitwarden.com/#/recover-delete.
    2. Enter the Email Address associated with your account and select Submit.
    3. In your email inbox, open the email and verify that you want to delete this Bitwarden account.

    If any of your client applications were logged in (see the above Tip), log out of them. If you delete a Bitwarden account that has a Premium subscription associated with it, Contact Us and we’ll reapply your existing subscription to the new account. If you were able to successfully export your Vault data prior to deletion, you can easily import it into the new account.