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    Encrypted Exports provide a secure long-term storage option for Vault data backups. Vault data is encrypted using your account’s Encryption Key.


    Rotating your account’s encryption key will render an Encrypted Export impossible to decrypt. If you rotate your account encryption key, replace the old backup with one that uses the new encryption key.

    Account Encryption Keys are unique to each Bitwarden user account, so you won’t be able to import an Encrypted Export into a different account.

    An Encrypted Export of the following plaintext login item:

          "login": {
            "username": "mylogin",
            "password": "mypassword",
            "totp": "otpauth://totp/my-secret-key"

    Will look something like:

          "login": {
            "username": "9.dZwQ+b9Zasp98dnfp[g|dHZZ1p19783bn1KzkEsA=l52bcWB/w9unvCt2zE/kCwdpiubAOf104os}",
            "password": "1o8y3oqsp8n8986HmW7qA=oiCZo872b3dbp0nzT/Pw=|A2lgso87bfDBCys049ano278ebdmTe4:",
            "totp": "2CIUxtpo870B)*^GW2ta/xb0IYyepO(*&G(&BB84LZ5ByZxu0E9hTTs6PHg0=8q5DHEPU&bp9&*bns3EYgETXpiu9898sxO78l"

    Create an Encrypted Export

    Downloading an Encrypted Export follows the same procedure as downloading a plaintext .csv or .json export:

    1. In the Web Vault, select Tools from the top navigation bar.
    2. Select Export Vault from the left-hand Tools menu.
    3. On the Export Vault page:
      • Select .json (Encrypted) from the File Format dropdown.
      • Enter your Master Password.
    4. Select the Export Vault button to download your Vault Export. You will be prompted to specify a location for download.

    For help downloading an Encrypted Export from any other client application, see Export Vault Data.

    Import an Encrypted Export

    Importing an Encrypted Export following the same procedure as importing a plaintext .csv or .json file:

    1. In the Web Vault, select Tools from the top navigation bar.
    2. Select Import Data from the left-hand Tools menu.
    3. Select Bitwarden (json) as the format of your file to import.


      There is no import option specifically for Encrypted Exports. A handler will determine that the .json file is encrypted and decrypt using your account encryption key.

    4. Select the Browse button and add your file.
    5. Select the Import Data button to complete your import.

    Importing data multiple times will create duplicates.

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