Auto-fill Custom Fields

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    Bitwarden can do more than just auto-fill your usernames and passwords! Bitwarden Browser Extensions can auto-fill custom fields to simplify fill-in of security questions, PINS, and more using the unique Tab view).

    Auto-fill Custom Fields


    It’s important to name the custom field correctly in order for auto-fill to work. Learn how to name custom fields.

    To auto-fill custom fields:

    1. Open the Browser Extension or, if your Browser Extension is already open, navigate to the Tab view.

      The Tab view automatically detects the URI (e.g. of the page displayed in the open tab and surfaces any Vault items with corresponding URIs.

    2. Select the item that contains the custom field you want to auto-fill:

      Item with a Custom Field
      Item with a Custom Field

    The Browser Extension will find any fields that match the custom field name and auto-fill that field’s value.

    Special Auto-fill Scenarios

    HTML <span> Elements

    Typically custom fields are auto-filled in HTML <form> or <input> elements, however Bitwarden Browser Extensions can auto-fill custom field values into the innerText of HTML <span> elements as well.

    In order to auto-fill into a <span> element, the opening tag must have the data-bwautofill attribute. So, in the following scenario:

    <span data-bwautofill id="myspan">Bitwarden is great.</span>

    A custom field with name: myspan will replace Bitwarden is great with whatever is saved in the custom field’s value.