Auto-fill Cards & Identities

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    Bitwarden can do more than just auto-fill your usernames and passwords! Bitwarden Browser Extensions can auto-fill Cards and Identities to simplify online purchases, account creation, and more using the unique Tab view.


    Currently, Autofill for Cards & Identities is only available for Browser Extensions. Mobile platforms including Android and iOS do not currently support this type of auto-fill function.

    Autofill Cards & Identities

    To auto-fill Cards and Identities:

    1. Open the Browser Extension or, if your Browser Extension is already open, navigate to the Tab view.

      Unless you’ve hidden Cards and/or Identities from this view, all your Cards and Identities will be listed here alongside any matched Login items.

    2. Select the Card or Identity you want to auto-fill:

      Auto-fill an Identity
      Auto-fill an Identity

    The Browser Extension will find any fields on the web page that map to Card or Identity information, and auto-fill them.

    Hide Cards & Identities

    If you don’t want Cards & Identities to be available for auto-fill, you can disable from being displayed in the Tab view:

    1. In your Browser Extension, open the Settings tab.
    2. Scroll down to the Other section, and select Options.
    3. Scroll down and check the Don’t Show Cards on Tab Page and/or Don’t Show Identities on Tab Page boxes.