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    What are Groups?

    Groups relate together individual users, and provide a scalable way to assign permissions, including access to Collections and other access controls. When onboarding new users, add them to a Group to have them automatically inherit that Group’s configured permissions.


    Groups are available to Teams and Enterprise Organizations.

    Using Groups

    Teams and Enterprise Organizations can designate access to Collections based on user Groups, rather than individual users. Group-Collection associations provide a deep level of access control and scalability to sharing resources. One common Group-Collection methodology is to create Groups by Department and Collections by Function, for example:

    Using Collections with Groups
    Using Collections with Groups

    Other common methodologies include Collections by Vendor or System (i.e. users in an Engineering Group are assigned to a AWS Credentials Collection) and Groups by Locality (i.e. users are assigned to a US Employees Group or UK Employees Group).

    Create a Group

    Organization Admins (or higher) and Provider Users can create and manage Groups. To create a Group:

    1. Log in to your Web Vault and open your Organization.
    2. Open the Manage tab and select Groups from the left-hand menu.
    3. On the Groups screen, select the New Group button.

      New Group
      New Group
    4. Give your Group a Name and assign the desired Access Control.

      Access Controls can designate that users can access all items (i.e. all Collections) or only specific Collections, as well as whether Passwords are hidden or Logins are read-only.


      The External Id field is only relevant if you’re using Directory Connector.

    5. Select Save to finish creating your Group.

    Assign Users to Group(s)

    Once your Groups are created and configured, add users to them:

    1. In your Organization Vault open the Manage tab and select People from the left-hand menu.
    2. Hover over the user you want to add and use the gear dropdown to select Groups:

    3. Select the Group(s) to add this user to and Save your selection.

    You can check which users belong to a Group from the ManageGroups screen by using the gear dropdown to select Users.

    Edit Collections Assignments

    If you want to change the Collections or access controls assigned to a Group:

    1. In your Organization Vault, open the Manage tab and select Groups from the left-hand menu.
    2. Select the group you want to edit.
    3. Configure the Access Control settings as you did when the Group was initially created.