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Getting started as a reseller

1. Join the Bitwarden Partner Program

Fill out the sign up form with your company's information. One of our channel managers will reach back out to you regarding additional details.

2. Learn about Bitwarden

Trusted by millions, Bitwarden can help your customers drive collaboration, boost productivity, and share data securely, whether within the same organization or externally.

Bitwarden offers end-to-end encryption from anywhere with any device. As an open source software, Bitwarden benefits from the global community of password security experts and Bitwarden users in addition to our own commitment to security and compliance.

Features & Benefits

Multi-device Support
Secure cloud syncing lets users access their sensitive data from anywhere on any device.

Password Generator
Weak passwords can be easily guessed by attackers. Users can identify these passwords using the Bitwarden Weak Passwords Report and change these passwords to strong ones using the built in Password Generator.

Multiple Item Types
Logins, Cards, Identities, Notes, and Secure Send are all available. To learn how to add additional fields to a vault item, check out Custom Fields.

Users can share any Item type with their team or department.

Free Bitwarden Families
Enterprise organization users can create personal accounts for themselves and up to 5 others. These accounts are not controlled, managed by, or accessible to their company. They are a benefit for users to increase their personal security and help make life easier.

URI/URL recognition
Bitwarden offers extensive match detection for credentials, allowing users to easily autofill using the browser extension or mobile app.

Data Breach Report
The Exposed Passwords Report lets users know if any of their passwords were found in a breach so they can change them and avoid any further vulnerabilities.

Inactive 2FA Report
Two Factor Authentication adds a layer of protection to logins when available. If two-factor authentication is a feature available for a given URI/URL, The Inactive 2FA Report will let them know that this option is available and encourage them to enable it.

Reused Passwords Report
Reusing passwords makes it easier for attackers to break into multiple accounts. The Reused Passwords Report will show any accounts with reused passwords and encourage them to be changed.

Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard heroes will love all of the time saving shortcuts.

TOTP Support
The Bitwarden Authenticator allows users to store and generate Multi-Factor TOTP Authentication codes. Using Cmd/Ctrl + Shift + L will automatically copy the TOTP to a user's clipboard after auto-filling. All they have to do is Cmd/Ctrl + V to paste!

Administrator Password Reset
Enterprise Organizations can enable a policy which enables admins or owners to be able to reset Master Passwords on request.


Login with SSO
Enterprise organizations can leverage their existing Identity Provider to authenticate users with Bitwarden using the SAML 2.0 or Open ID Connect (OIDC) protocols.

System for cross-domain identity management (SCIM) can be used to automatically provision members and groups in your Bitwarden organization.

Bitwarden supports SCIM v2 using standard attribute mappings and offers official SCIM integrations for:

Directory Connector
The Bitwarden Directory Connector app automatically provisions users, groups, and group associations in your Bitwarden organization by pulling from a selection of source directory services. Provisioned users will be issued invitations to join the organization, and can subsequently complete the normal onboarding procedure.

Directory Connector supports sync from the following sources:

Bitwarden Organization Types

As a reseller, most of your customers will pursue either Teams or Enterprise Organizations. Learn more about the unique features of each plan using our comparison chart.

3. Optional Steps

Create your own Account

Reach out to to find out about our NFR program.

Check out our Learning Center and start participating in our Community

Learn about self-hosting

As an alternative to cloud hosting, clients also have the option to self-host, see the FAQ for more information.

Attend our Weekly Demo

Every Wednesday at 12 pm EST we offer a free public demo for Teams and Enterprise Organizations. Take advantage of this opportunity to see Bitwarden live-in-action and participate in our Q&A!

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