Password manager for individuals and families
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Password manager for individuals and families

Passwords managed. Accounts secured.

Keep your sensitive data safe and never reset a password again

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Everything you need in a password manager


Secure in security

Your data is sealed in a vault, encrypted end-to-end, locked down in the cloud, and transmitted only through secure channels. Combined with trusted open source security, you can rest assured that your data remains safe.

Fortified in the cloudTrusted open source security
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Access everything everywhere

What good are strong passwords if you can’t access them? Bitwarden syncs unlimited vault items across all your devices! Autofill passwords and credentials from any browser and access your vault from anywhere, which stores passwords, identity information, credit cards, secure notes, and even file attachments.


Share seamlessly

Create a family vault with a partner or for your entire household to share passwords, app logins, and manage joint online accounts. Or use Bitwarden Send to share encrypted files or text with anyone through a secure link.

Security for all

Bitwarden envisions a world where nobody is hacked and provides a full-featured free plan to everyone. It has everything you need in a password manager.

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Features to keep you protected


Password and username generators

Bitwarden generates strong and unique passwords, including usernames, and even integrates with email alias services for additional security. Using the generator keeps personal info like anniversaries and pet names out of your passwords, out of the dark web, and out of hackers’ hands.


Passkey storage and access

Bring passwordless convenience and security together with passkeys that are easy to create and make logins seamless. Bitwarden creates, saves, and syncs all your passkeys so you can use them wherever you need.


Vault security health reports

Like a health checkup, but for your online accounts, Bitwarden vault health reports tell you if you have security vulnerabilities like weak, exposed, or reused passwords, and more. Run the reports for both individual and shared items.


Advanced two-factor authentication

Strengthen the security of your Bitwarden password vault with two-factor authentication (2FA). Bitwarden supports email codes, authenticator apps, YubiKeys, and passkeys to verify your identity.

"When it comes to password management tools, there’s no better than Bitwarden. It's open source so completely transparent, and runs on all major platforms, including your favourite web browsers."

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  • Passkey management
  • All the core functions
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$10 billed annually

Enjoy premium features

  • Integrated authenticator
  • File attachments
  • Emergency access
  • Security reports and more

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Up to 6 users, $40 billed annually

Secure your family logins

  • 6 premium accounts
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Unlimited collections
  • Organization storage

Share vault items between six people

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6 Things you should do to keep your passwords secure

With our expanding digital world and technology reliance, data breaches will continue to make headlines, reminding everyone to take password security seriously. Here are six password security best practices to help guide the way.

why use a password manager

Why use a password manager

How many online accounts do you have?

Probably hundreds! To be secure, they should all have a strong and unique password. If one website gets hacked, only your password to that one account is affected, while the others remain safe.

A password manager like Bitwarden makes this easy by generating, saving, and then autofilling strong and unique passwords for you. These are kept in a secure end-to-end encrypted vault and synced across all your devices. A password manager is a critical tool for staying secure today.

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