Effortlessly manage all your passwords and logins

Save time

Autofill forms, use biometrics, and easily generate secure passwords, passkeys, and usernames to help you move faster.

Take control

Access unlimited passwords, synced across all devices, and platforms.

Stay safe

Use strong passwords for all your online accounts, backed by end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption.

Stay alert

Test passwords for strength and monitor vault health reports for additional layers of protection.

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Why use a password manager?

Your online world revolves around passwords. To stay safe from data breaches, you need to create strong and unique passwords for every account, but remembering them all without help gets tricky.

Using a password manager lets you easily protect yourself and your data. Bitwarden generates, stores, and secures your most important online data in an end-to-end encrypted vault.

Security should be available to all, which is why Bitwarden offers a free plan that delivers all the features you need to stay fully secure. Why wait? Try it today.

Sync all of your devices

Access your data from anywhere on any device with secure cloud syncing. Bitwarden optimizes your vault for use on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

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"When it comes to password management tools, there’s no better than Bitwarden. It's open source so completely transparent, and runs on all major platforms, including your favourite web browsers."

Proven security and transparency

Password vault with end-to-end encryption

Bitwarden fully encrypts all of your data with a corporate password vault before it ever leaves your device, and only you have access to it. Even the Bitwarden team cannot unlock your protected data. Bitwarden seals your sensitive information with end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256 authentication process.

Open source security

Source code transparency offers the best standard for trust and security. Every line of code in Bitwarden can be inspected and scrutinized, so you can rest assured that functions perform exactly as stated.

Supportive community

Join the growing Bitwarden community who already know, use, and love Bitwarden. Get support, gain knowledge, join the conversation! Learn more:

Bitwarden Send for secure one-to-one data sharing

Securely transmit encrypted files, attachments, and text to others

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Get a Bitwarden vault

  • Unlimited devices
  • Passkey management
  • All the core functions
  • Always free

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per month

$10 billed annually

Enjoy premium features

  • Integrated authenticator
  • File attachments
  • Emergency access
  • Security reports and more

Share vault items with one other user



per month

Up to 6 users, $40 billed annually

Secure your family logins

  • 6 premium accounts
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Unlimited collections
  • Organization storage

Share vault items between six people

Pricing shown in USD and based on an annual subscription

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