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Trusted password management that scales with your business

Ensure productivity

Quickly enable your team to share passwords among colleagues easily and securely.

Reduce cybersecurity risk

Establish a first line of defense against data breaches with tools and policies to help employees create strong passwords and passkeys.

Integrate seamlessly

Integrate Bitwarden with your existing enterprise environment such as SSO and directory services.

Empower your employees at home

Give the extra perk of security to your employees and their loved ones with complimentary Bitwarden Families plans.

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Unparalleled SSO Integration and Flexibility

Quickly and easily safeguard all business logins using your Single Sign-On security policies. Fully compatible with SAML 2.0 and OIDC, Bitwarden ensures smooth integration with your existing solutions.


Teams starter

Powerful security for up to 10 users


per month for 10 users

Securely share and manage sensitive credentials and data across smaller teams.

Includes premium features for all 10 users

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Advanced capabilities for larger organizations


per month/per user

Utilize advanced features including enterprise policies, passwordless SSO, and account recovery.

Includes premium features and complimentary families plan for all users

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For companies with hundreds or thousands of employees contact sales for a custom quote and see how Bitwarden can:

  • Reduce cybersecurity risk
  • Boost productivity
  • Integrate seamlessly

Bitwarden scales with any sized business to bring password security to your organization

Pricing shown in USD. Enterprise plan based on annual subscription

The #1 password manager for enterprise

Bitwarden was voted best password manager for enterprise in the G2 Enterprise Grid Report for Summer and Fall 2023.

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Proven security and transparency

Open source security

Source code transparency offers the best standard for trust and security. Every line of code in Bitwarden can be inspected and scrutinized, so you can rest assured that functions perform exactly as stated.

About Bitwarden open source

End-to-end encryption

Bitwarden fully encrypts all of your data before it ever leaves your device, and only you have access to it. Even the Bitwarden team cannot unlock your protected data. Bitwarden seals your sensitive information with end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

3rd Party audited

In addition to the Bitwarden open source codebase and independent security researchers program, reputable third-parties provide official security assessments and penetration testing. Bitwarden has completed thorough security audits and cryptographic analysis with security experts such as Cure53.

Platform features and benefits

Secure password sharing

Share your encrypted data quickly and easily, and only with the users or teams who need access

Cross-platform accessibility

Access critical data in your vault from any location, browser, and device

Cloud-based or self-host

Deploy fast and efficiently in the cloud, or self-host for teams with additional IT and infrastructure resources

Flexible integrations

Unite your existing systems with Bitwarden using SSO integration, Directory services, and powerful APIs

Directory sync

Use SCIM support or the Directory Connector to streamline user and group provisioning and maintain synchronization with your directory service

Security audit & compliance

Open source, third-party audited, and compliant with GDPR, Privacy Shield, HIPAA, and CCPA regulations

Vault health reports

Access insightful reports to reveal weak, reused passwords, and other helpful security metrics

Detailed event logs

Monitor user and group access to sensitive data with audit trails

Always-on support

Customer Success agents are available to support you around the clock

Training and setup support

Set your team up for success with custom training and demos. The Bitwarden Learning Center provides resources for all levels of users.

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Bitwarden Partner and MSP Programs

Bring the best in password management practices to your team and your customers.

How to add Bitwarden to your MSP offering

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