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Bitwarden Business Support

For Teams and Enterprise plans

Bitwarden for Business

How to get help

Installation and use

Installation and use

For install and use questions, read through our comprehensive documentation at

Comprehensive Documentation



Get assistance and feedback from the Bitwarden user base at

Bitwarden Community Forums

Business support

Business support

Submit a ticket at Be sure to use an email connected to your Bitwarden account.

Submit a Ticket

Our Mission

Provide our customers with a seamless and secure introduction to Bitwarden

Robust Teams and Enterprise Support Plans

Robust Teams and Enterprise Support Plans

All Teams and Enterprise Users receive Bitwarden Premium Business Support, which includes:

24x7 global support
Monitored email support
Ticket-based support
Priority ticket queuing
Escalation management
Additional options on request

Additional offerings



Live training and demonstrations available, along with train the trainer options. For details on training material and options see bellow

Professional services

Professional services

Have a Bitwarden Integration Engineer work with you to maximize your Bitwarden objectives and customize the experience for your workplace.

Quickstart bundle

Quickstart bundle

Accelerate your path to security success with a bundle of training and professional services suited to your company.

Professional Training

Ensure success and create a smooth onboarding process for your team by adding Bitwarden training.

Get users up and running faster
Training options for every level of user
Session led by a Bitwarden expert
One-time and on-going programs available


  • The importance of password security
  • Top Bitwarden features
  • Optimizing your personal Vault
  • Personal and Organizational Vaults
  • Bitwarden sharing basics
  • Join a public training
Training Presentation

Manager/Power Users

  • All General features PLUS:
  • Collections, Groups, User Roles
  • Sharing and unsharing
  • Two-step login best practices
  • Custom Fields
  • Join a public training


  • All Power User features PLUS:
  • User provisioning and succession
  • Directory Connector
  • Scaling your teams
  • CLI and API
  • Join a public training

Train the Trainer

  • Overview of course materials
  • Bitwarden training best practices
  • Recommendations for training personalization and localization
Engage Employees with Bitwarden Videos

Engage Employees with Bitwarden Videos

Use some or all of the following videos to announce Bitwarden or Bitwarden training classes to your organization.

Check out our videos
Professional Services

Professional Services

Bitwarden Professional Services provide you with a technical product specialist to maximize the value of your Bitwarden investment and meet your vision for secure password management.

Our specialists are experts in a wide variety of identity and access management topics and can assist with installation, onboarding users, configuration, workflows, and solution architectures.

These experts combine hands on assistance as well as skills transfer, mentoring, and consulting

What you get:

Time to value to meet your business objectives
Custom deployment for your configuration
Mentoring and knowledge transfer for key members
Experts that embed with in your team
Guided industry best practices

Quick Start Bundle

Bitwarden offers a quick start bundle in 5-hour and 10-hour increments. Each bundle includes training hours and professional services hours specific to your company needs.

What you get:

Quick Start Training

Quick Start Training

Quick Start Professional Services

Quick Start Professional Services

Our Quick Start Bundles allow you to rest assured that your deployment will be smooth and successful. Choose the right size that works for your company. The Bitwarden team will customize the training and professional services.

We recommend a Quick Start Bundle for any customers looking to accelerate their deployment with additional Bitwarden help.

Have questions? We're here to help.

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