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Living the passwordless life with Bitwarden biometrics

authored by:Gary Orenstein
Living the Passwordless Life - Living the Passwordless Life
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Ask folks if they love passwords and no one says yes. Ask folks if they love their password manager and everyone says yes.

Why the stark difference? Our lives are increasingly digital with more services and accounts than ever imagined. Each one of those sites, apps, or services, for robust security, should have a strong and unique password. Managing all of that is nearly impossible, unless you have a password manager.

Here’s an interesting observation from a person who did not use a password manager until just a few years ago.

Months go by when I never enter a password.

How is this possible? Because a password manager takes all of the work off of your shoulders. Once you have it configured, your password manager will unlock with biometrics, autofill your credentials, and generate strong and unique passwords at the click of a button or keystroke. Yes there are passwords underneath, but you have stopped typing them, thinking of new ones, and removed any memory cycles about which password is for which site.

Three ways to live the passwordless life today

Once you have your password manager, here are three ways to get started with a passwordless life.

1. Unlock your vault with biometrics

Whether on your mobile device, desktop, or browser extension, you can unlock your vault with biometrics. This will reduce the number of times you need to enter your main password. Of course, remembering the password for your password manager is crucial, and you should take good care in your own manner to guarantee you can remember it. For many, that means writing it down and putting it in a secure place like a safe.

2. Autofill to automatically enter passwords

Across web browsers and mobile devices, password managers let you autofill credentials with ease. You can also autofill credit card and identity information from browser extensions. With the addition of custom fields, you can add anything, such as loyalty numbers for travel websites. Quick hint: Use Bitwarden autofill quickly with the hotkey Ctrl/cmd + Shift + L!

3. Generate strong and unique passwords in a snap

Password managers let you generate strong and unique passwords at the click of a button or simple keyboard shortcut. In Bitwarden, you can also generate passphrases, which are groups of random words that can be easier to remember or share verbally, if needed.

Password generators ensure that you have a password that is strong and unique.

By strong, we mean:

  • long, such as 14 characters or more

  • complex with upper and lower case, numbers, and symbols

  • random with no known pattern

Unique means that you are generating a different password for each website you visit. This does not need to happen all at once but over time this will give you the most robust protection should any individual site be impacted.

Password managers bring peace of mind

A Bitwarden user reported on Twitter:

Ever since I got the recommendation to use @Bitwarden there has been such a weight lifted off of me. No worries about password security when you can have complete randomization. Absolutely love the peace of mind.

Of course, we agree! Password managers bring security and a stress-free approach to saving and accessing passwords. And when you couple them with biometrics, autofill, and easy strong and unique password generation, you’ll be at ease in no time!

If you’d like to get started, sign up for a free account today, or share with your colleagues by starting a free business trial.

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