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Why Bitwarden?

Bitwarden is the most trusted open source password manager for business. Bitwarden offers the easiest and safest way for organizations to store, share, and manage sensitive data from any device. Password management sets the foundation for enterprise security and Bitwarden provides MSPs and their clients the tools to defend against cybersecurity threats.

Amount of IT professionals who reuse passwords.

Amount of IT professionals who reuse passwords.

Amount of IT professionals who use unsecure methods of sharing passwords.

Amount of IT professionals who use unsecure methods of sharing passwords.

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Deployment Options

Every organization has unique requirements. Bitwarden provides our MSP partners ways to differentiate and grow their business while deploying password management as a service.

Bitwarden for Internal Use

Bitwarden for Internal Use

Leverage the power of the Bitwarden platform for your MSP business to protect your team and securely manage internal and external credentials. Set the foundation of credential management and grow with us.

Offer Bitwarden as a Managed Service

Offer Bitwarden as a Managed Service

Resell Bitwarden and grow your business while enabling your clients with password management. Create and manage your client's Bitwarden instance, drive best practices, and improve customer satisfaction and security.

Resell Bitwarden

Resell Bitwarden

Distribute and sell Bitwarden to customers who can administer the solution themselves. MSPs and Resellers are encouraged to bundle additional services to assist and support clients.

The Bitwarden Provider Portal

The Provider Portal is an all-in-one management experience that enables MSPs to manage customers’ Bitwarden Organizations at scale. The Provider Portal streamlines administration tasks by centralizing a dedicated space to access and support managed clients.

The Bitwarden Provider Portal

The Bitwarden Provider Portal enables you to easily view and manage your clients' password management needs more efficiently.

MSP Program Details


Flexible Contracts

Bitwarden provides flexibility through annual and monthly billing cycles for MSPs to onboard and offboard users easily and effectively.


Flexible Product Choice

Help your clients lay a strong foundation for password management through the Bitwarden Teams or Enterprise plans.


Tiered Discount Considerations*

As you grow your business with Bitwarden, our margin increases through tiered discounting. Discounts are applied based on the number of seats under management.


Dedicated Account Manager*

Through the Bitwarden MSP program, you will have a dedicated account manager to accelerate and support your success.

*Program benefits subject to change

Build Your Tech Stack

Bitwarden seamlessly integrates your existing technology stack with SAML 2.0 and OpenID connect.

microsoft adfs
Google Identity Cloud

Bitwarden for Your Clients

Password Management Features and Benefits
Secure Password Sharing

Enable your clients to share encrypted data quickly and easily, and only with the users or teams who need access

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Users can access critical data in their Bitwarden vault from any location, browser, and device

Cloud-Based or Self-Host

Get you and your clients up and running in minutes in the cloud or you can self-host Bitwarden for complete data control

Security Audit & Compliance

Open source and third-party audited, Bitwarden complies with Privacy Shield, GDPR, CCPA regulations

Vault Health Reports

Access insightful reports to reveal weak, reused passwords, and other helpful data security metrics

Directory Sync

The powerful Bitwarden Directory Connector streamlines user and group onboarding and keeps them in sync

Always-On Support

Customer Success agents are available to support you around the clock and MSP resources are available to answer your specific needs

Detailed Event Logs

Bitwarden creates audit trails to help you keep track of provider, user, and group access to sensitive data

Flexible Integrations

Unite your existing systems with Bitwarden using SSO authentication, Directory services, or powerful APIs

Zero Knowledge, End-to-end Encryption

Everything stored in the Bitwarden Vault is secured with end-to-end AES-256 ​encryption. Bitwarden cannot see anything stored within user vaults, including passwords and websites.

Getting Started

TaskReference Material
Review/Attend a Bitwarden weekly demo
Review partner program overview
Watch the Bitwarden for MSPs webcast

Understanding Bitwarden Vault Features

TaskReference Material
Sign up for a free trial
Review the features within your Personal Vault
Understand Organizations
Importing vault items
Installing Bitwarden across your devices
Review item types
Item management
Using Bitwarden Send

Review Organizations

TaskReference Material
Understand user types and management
Understand collections
Understand enterprise policies

Getting Started with the Provider Portal

TaskReference Material
Ensure the Provider Portal has been enabled
Review the Provider Portal user types and access control
Provider Portal user management
Provider Portal client management
Create new client organizations

Top Adoption Drivers for Your Clients

Action ItemsDescription
Assign an executive sponsor
Identify a client champion. This should be a C-level or VP-level client executive ready to drive Bitwarden adoption.
Make Bitwarden mandatory
Build Bitwarden into your services offering.
Employ a training strategy
Based on user needs, provide training and documentation for different skill levels.
Integrate with your user directory
By integrating with your existing directory, every employee can be automatically onboarded to Bitwarden when they join the company, as well as deprovisioned if they leave.

Employee/Client Training Best Practices

Action ItemsDescription
Schedule and record live training
Where and when? Onsite or web-based lunch and learning? Record the live training to share later. Post recorded training where employees can find them, so they can review as needed.
Leverage existing Bitwarden materials
  • Tutorial videos
  • FAQs
  • Support resources
  • Recorded trainings
  • Handouts
Incorporate materials in all email communications
Remind employees where they can find handouts and support resources to help them get started with Bitwarden

Training Resources

Action ItemsDescription
Bitwarden training for general end users.
Bitwarden training for more advanced users who want to take advantage of extra features.
Bitwarden training for administrators.

Join the Bitwarden team for an introductory session on the basics of employee security training. Security Training This session covers:

  • Why it is important for organizations to clearly communicate security and compliance policies
  • Social engineering and what to look out for
  • Security across email, web, and mobile devices

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