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$7 per user/mo.

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Open source

Self-hosted deployment options

SSO with existing identity providers

HIPAA compliant

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  • Unlimited passwords
  • Unlimited devices
  • All the core functions
  • Always free

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$10 billed annually

Enjoy premium features

  • Bitwarden Authenticator
  • File attachments
  • Emergency access
  • Security reports and more

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Up to 6 users, $40 billed annually

Secure your family logins

  • 6 premium accounts
  • Unlimited sharing
  • Unlimited collections
  • Organization storage

Share vault items between six people

Pricing shown in USD and based on an annual subscription



per month/per user

Share sensitive data safely with coworkers, across departments, or the entire company

Includes premium features for all users



per month/per user

Utilize advanced features including policies, passwordless SSO, account recovery, and more

Includes premium features and complimentary families plan for all users

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For companies with hundreds or thousands of employees contact sales for a custom quote and see how Bitwarden can:

  • Reduce cybersecurity risk
  • Boost productivity
  • Integrate seamlessly

Bitwarden scales with any sized business to bring password security to your organization.

Pricing shown in USD and based on an annual subscription

It's easy to switch

Download this resource to learn how you can switch from LastPass to Bitwarden in minutes.


Moving from another password manager is quick and easy

  • Export your data from your old password manager

  • Use the importer tool in Bitwarden

  • Share with colleagues and teams

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Everything you need from a password manager

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Open source security

Source code transparency offers the best standard for trust and security, especially for solutions protecting your business.


Unlimited passwords, unlimited devices

Cross platform access for mobile, browser, and desktop apps. Supported in over 50 languages.


Secure End-to-end encryption

Bitwarden fully encrypts all of your data before it ever leaves your device. Bitwarden seals your sensitive information with end-to-end AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256.

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