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Accessibility on Bitwarden

Bitwarden recognizes the importance of building accessible products and providing security for all. This includes populations with all abilities or who may need assistance in using Bitwarden.

Committed to creating a more equitable and accessible experience for everyone, Bitwarden uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) level AA requirements to help guide the development of future solutions. Bitwarden accessibility goals include developing accessible content that is:

  • Perceivable to all users with the abilities and senses they possess

  • Operable to all users with the input devices or assistive technologies they use

  • Understandable to all users regardless of their cognitive functions

  • Robust by making content compatible for current and future user agents including assistive technologies

Product accessibility in Bitwarden 

Bitwarden aligns, where possible, with native accessibility features across mobile, desktop, and browser. 

Bitwarden font, text, and icon sizes conform to or exceed WCAG minimum requirements.

Outside of captions and images of text, text can be resized without assistive technology up to 200 percent without loss of content or functionality.  

Select accessibility options include:

  • Vault access with PIN so users don’t need to re-enter master passwords frequently

  • Authentication with hardware security keys for easier vault access

  • Keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) to achieve quicker predefined tasks

  • Biometrics support such as TouchID, Windows Hello, and Face ID across mobile, desktop, and browser

  • Autofill capability makes filling in usernames and passwords more efficient  

  • Quick setting buttons within the Android platform for visual accessibility 

  • Ability for users with hCaptcha Accessibility Access to use accessibility cookie and skip hCaptcha challenges (available for desktop and mobile) 

Provide your feedback through Github or the Bitwarden community

The best way to improve the accessibility and usability of Bitwarden is to listen to customers and the broader community of users. To that extent, Bitwarden created an accessibility label in Github issues so that fixes can be addressed. To report an accessibility issue, please visit the Bitwarden Github page and add an accessibility label to your report. You may also share feedback on the Bitwarden Community. 

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