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Encrypted Vault Exports now available!

authored by:

Trey Greer

posted on:

January 29, 2021

Password management is more important than ever, and backups are a key factor in keeping your data safe, secure, and available!

Bitwarden makes it easy to back up your data by exporting into several formats, including CSV, JSON, and encrypted JSON by navigating to Tools → Export Vault.


hashtagEncrypted JSON

The new Encrypted Export feature allows users to export Bitwarden Vault data into an encrypted JSON file. This process uses the same secure encryption applied to all data within the Bitwarden Vault.

This file contains the same data as the prior JSON export format but uses the Bitwarden encryption to ensure that the data is protected.

Users can perform the import of any encrypted JSON files into the same Vault from which it was exported. Because the Vault encryption key is used to encrypt the data, this key must be present to decrypt it as well. This means that if you rotate your key or delete your account, you will need to perform a new export using the new key and/or account.

hashtagBest Practices

Using encrypted JSON as a means of backing up your Vault is a quick, easy, and secure way to save your data. It does however require the same account to import the data. If you are concerned about losing access to your account for any reason or backing up outside of the Bitwarden ecosystem, we recommend using our regular JSON export coupled with an encryption tool of your choice. One method for this is using the CLI application to perform exports in a secure environment.

hashtagBitwarden data liberation approach

At Bitwarden we believe in a transparent data liberation process where users can get access to their data anytime. This is available across all of our clients. With encrypted export, users have a simple, safe way to protect their data locally. With regular export, users can employ any encryption method they choose.

hashtagLearn More

To find out more about encrypted export, please visit our help article here.

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