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Managing your vault

Vault structure


The Bitwarden Password Manager provides both an individual and shared space to store sensitive data.

  • My vault
    A place to store data that you don’t plan to share. Data stored in an individual vault is owned and managed by the account that is currently logged in (ex.

  • An Organization vault
    A place to store data that you want to share with others. This vault will typically be named based on your company, team, or family.


Within your vaults, your sensitive data is stored as one of four different item types: Logins, Cards, Identities, and Secure Notes.


Collections contain shared items in an Organization and each item can be assigned to one, two, or many Collections based on who needs access to that particular item.

The ability to edit or create a new Collection is based on permissions granted by the admin or owner.

For example, a member of the company's marketing team might have access to the Marketing and Social Collections, while a member of the HR team might have access to the Payroll and Benefits Collections.

Adding and Deleting Items

Adding Items

You can add items to your vault from any Bitwarden Password Manager client, but the easiest way to add a new login for a website is with the Bitwarden Browser Extension.

  1. After installing the browser extension, start by visiting the website you want to create the new login for (ex.

  2. Click on the browser extension and select the  Add icon

  3. The item type will automatically be set to Login, the Name will be set to the name of the website, and the URI 1 will be set to the current URL

  4. In the Username field, you will need to set a username of your own, or let Bitwarden generate one for you with the button

  5. Let Bitwarden generate a strong unique Password for you with the button

  6. Choose options to organize this item in your personal view

  7. Choose where to store this item: either in My vault or in your Organization vault (including which Collections to share it with)

  8. Click Save

Deleting Items

Within My vault, you will be able to delete items that belong to you. In the web app, you will need to navigate to the item in your Vaults tab > Options > Delete. Admins can also delete Organization items in the web app by going to the Organizations tab > Vault view > Options > Delete.

Deleted items will remain in your Trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted.


Account Settings

Within the Bitwarden web app, you can manage the settings for your Bitwarden account as well as for the web app.

All of the settings in this dialogue will be account-wide other than Preferences, which will only apply to the web app.

Within the Security section, you can change your master password, setup two-step login (if not already configured for your SSO), and adjust your encryption key settings.

Domain rules will specify any equivalent domains.

Emergency access can be set up as a "break glass" function if you were to get locked out of your account and master password reset is not available.

Lastly, if you are also part of an Enterprise Organization, this is where you can redeem your Free Bitwarden Families plan.

Client Settings

Within each client, including the web app mentioned above, you will be able to specify settings associated with each client such as your Vault timeout options, language, and theme. Each client will need to be set up independently as they may offer different options depending on the device in use. For example, a mobile phone may have the ability to use biometrics for an unlock option, but the same option may not be available on your desktop.

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