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Self-host Bitwarden in Kubernetes

authored by:Ryan Luibrand
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Bitwarden now offers a Helm chart for both the Password Manager and Secrets Manager, used for guiding installations into Kubernetes deployments.

Self-host Bitwarden on your own infrastructure

Since 2017, Bitwarden has supported self-hosting for its Password Manager, through self-managed Docker installations or a DigitalOcean droplet. Just recently, Bitwarden extended self-hosting support for Bitwarden Secrets Manager as well, providing a solution for the most security-sensitive customers for their machine secrets.

Bitwarden has supported self-hosting since 2017

When you choose to self-host Bitwarden, you are able to keep your data on your own infrastructure, whether that be an on-prem private cloud or a public cloud service. This unparalleled flexibility provides options for enterprise customers to manage their deployment with the systems that they use for the rest of their software stack. The latest Bitwarden-developed Helm chart for a Kubernetes deployment demonstrates the ongoing commitment to customers who need the additional control of their sensitive data.

Easily deploy to Kubernetes

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Now customers can add Bitwarden to their Kubernetes deployment using the Helm chart. Various Kubernetes environments are supported, including Azure AKS, OpenShift, and AWS EKS. Detailed guides are available for each in the Bitwarden Help Center.

Bitwarden Integration Resource: Self-host Bitwarden on Kubernetes using a Helm chart

Kubernetes has become a cornerstone in modern cloud computing, able to orchestrate complex container architectures efficiently. Other benefits of Kubernetes include easy scaling, self-healing, and load balancing. For organizations already using Kubernetes for other services, deploying Bitwarden with the Helm chart streamlines the deployment process and simplifies cloud management for a more unified operational environment.

Get started today!

Whether you are an individual wanting to manage your own data or a business with strict data management policies, you can self-host Bitwarden on your own servers independent of the Bitwarden cloud. Learn more about self-hosting types: Docker, DigitalOcean, and Bitwarden Unified (Beta)

Bitwarden Password Manager plans capable of self-hosting include enterprise, families, premium, and free plans. For Bitwarden Secrets Manager, the enterprise plan supports self-hosting. Get started with self-hosting today with an individual account or an enterprise business trial!

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