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Self-hosting Bitwarden on DigitalOcean

authored by:Kyle Spearrin
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Interested in self-hosting Bitwarden and ready to take the plunge? Jump into the DigitalOcean by installing a Bitwarden 1-click Droplet, preconfigured and ready for use.

The Bitwarden 1-click droplet is available through the DigitalOcean Marketplace and simplifies self-hosting, giving you the freedom to get back to the important stuff like securely storing, managing, and sharing your credentials.

What is a DigitalOcean droplet?

A DigitalOcean Droplet is a virtual machine, providing an alternative cloud-based solution for your Bitwarden Instance. New DigitalOcean users instantly receive $100 of free credit by using our Partner link.

Modern app development often requires a little help from third parties. An entire ecosystem of software tools — from application frameworks to blogs and business apps — has sprung up to support developers and businesses.

However, finding, installing, and maintaining compatible software can be overwhelming. Researching the latest versions, configuring tools and libraries, and testing for compatibility are burdens that most developers and businesses would rather avoid.

DigitalOcean Marketplace removes the pain of "dependency hell" by bringing together our user community and a network of trusted partners whose apps and tools we have carefully vetted for seamless integration and deployment. Whether you need a forum platform or an analytics package, you can deploy any app or tool on Marketplace with literally one click.

I’ve installed my Droplet, what’s next?

To access your new Bitwarden installation, visit your configured domain in a web browser, register a Bitwarden user account, and log in. The Bitwarden 1-Click Droplet also performs automatic weekly updates, so you don’t have to worry about manual server updates.

To learn more about self hosting Bitwarden, check out the Hosting FAQ on the Help Center.

Editor's Note: This blog was originally published on Tuesday, March 5th 2019 and was updated on Tuesday, April 19th 2022.

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