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Experience the value and power of Bitwarden Enterprise with access to help documentation, how-tos, and guides.

With just a few easy steps you'll be scaling password security through your organization in no time.

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Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

Invite Priority Users to Join

Invite priority users such as administrators to join your Bitwarden Organization. Upon invitation confirmation, administrators can access and manage all Vault items, Collections, and end-users. Easily send user invites from within the Management tab of your Organization’s Vault.

 Organize with Collections

Collections let you organize related Vault items, and then share them securely with individual users or Groups. Create your first Collection from within the Organization management tab.

 Add and Share Vault Items

Add or Import new items into your Bitwarden Vault, such as logins, credit cards, identity information, or private notes. Share items or Collections with users or Groups to suit your business needs.

 Tips and Resources

Gain access to a library of Bitwarden Enterprise documentation and best practices.

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Email 2

Set the Stage for User Onboarding

3 Tips to Prep Your Team for Success

Create User Groups

Simplify access management with User Groups. Groups empower you to easily share Collections with sets of specific users, like a team, managers, and admins. Visit the Management section of your Organization to get started. 

Enable Two-Step Login

Before onboarding end-users, set a secure foundation for your team by activating two-step login. Bitwarden supports a variety of two-step login methods including Duo Security which prompts all enrolled members of your Organization to register a device upon login.

Tailor User Roles

When adding users, choose the User Type and Access Control to meet your business needs. Start in the Management tab of your Organization, or automatically provision and deprovision users through the Bitwarden Directory Connector.

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Email 3

Top Business Features to Explore

 User Access Control

Simplify sharing, access management, and scalability with Collections and User Groups.

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One-to-One Sharing

Use Bitwarden Send to securely share encrypted information directly with anyone.

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Vault Health Reports

Gain insight into exposed, weak, and reused passwords, unsecured websites, data breaches, and more.

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Event and Audit Logs

Improve visibility and admin control by accessing a timestamped record of events from your Organization Vault.

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Two-Step Login

Enhance Organization security by requiring end-users to use a two-step login method to access their Vaults.

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Directory Sync

Provision and deprovision users easily by connecting your existing directory service to your Bitwarden Organization.

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API Access

Gain access to a suite of tools for managing members, Collections, Groups, event logs, and policies through the Bitwarden public API.

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Priority Support

Receive knowledgeable responses from our Customer Support team, available 24/7 to answer questions.

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How has your trial experience been so far?

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