Bitwarden for Teams Comparison Guide

Use a Bitwarden Teams Organization to securely share data with coworkers, department, or an entire company. With many choices out there, Bitwarden stands apart with a comprehensive Teams offering.

Comparing Bitwarden Teams and Others

This table outlines the key differences between Bitwarden Teams Organizations and other password managers' Teams plans. Subsequent tables will go more in-depth on specific topics:

1P LP 1P K Bitwarden-logo
Open Source
API Access
Full-Featured Free Plan
Cross-Platform Ubiquity
Priority Support
Languages Supported 11 7 7 13 40

More Comparisons

The following pricing and features charts further break down the key differences between a Bitwarden Teams Organization and other password managers’ Teams Plans:

Cost Per User, Per Month, Billed Annually

Compared to others, the Bitwarden Teams Plan has the most features for the best price:

1P LP 1P K Bitwarden-logo
Cost $3.99 $4 $5 $3.75 $3

Password Management Features

The Bitwarden Teams Plan has a robust set of password management features:

1P LP 1P K Bitwarden-logo
Number of Passwords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Password Generator
Individual Vault
Password Strength Checker
Password Sharing
Multi-Device Sync
Encrypted File Attachments 1GB 1GB 1GB+ Personal, 1GB+ for Org Items
Built-in TOTP

Security and Administration Features

Bitwarden’s solution, software, infrastructure, and security processes have been designed from the ground up
with a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach. Bitwarden software is open source, which means features and security can be vetted and improved upon by our passionate global community:

1P LP 1P K Bitwarden-logo
Open Source
End-to-End Encryption
Two-Factor Athentication 2FA, FIDO2, YubiKey, Duo 2FA, YubiKey, Duo 2FA, FIDO2 2FA, FIDO2 2FA, FIDO2, YubiKey, Duo
Independently Audited
SOC 2 Certified
24/7 Support 24-Hour + Priority Support
AES 256-Bit Encryption
Directory Services
User and Group Provisioning
Event & Audit Logs
API Access

Download and Deployment Options

Bitwarden's secure cloud syncing features allow you to access your data from anywhere, on any device:

1P LP 1P K Bitwarden-logo
IOS and Android
Windows and Mac
Command Line Interface

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