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Web Vault v2.0

authored by:Kyle Spearrin
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The Bitwarden web vault was first released back in 2015 as the first Bitwarden client application. Since its initial release, the web vault has grown to add more and more functionality and is the primary tool for many Bitwarden users.

Today we're happy to announce version 2.0 of the Bitwarden web vault. We've re-written the web vault from scratch with performance and scalability in mind. With an all new layout, matching design, and new features, web vault v2.0 is a great step forward and lays some important groundwork for many new features yet to come.

Check out the new Bitwarden web vault v2.0 today at

Bitwarden Web Vault v2.0.0


  • Complete re-write from AngularJS 1.6 with JavaScript to Angular 5.2 with TypeScript. Lots of code share through our JSLib library.

  • Significant performance improvements throughout

  • New simplified layout/design to reduce clutter & noise, and to better match branding of our other apps

  • Organization vault view for all users (previously only organization admins could view this)

  • Bulk sharing option added to vault listing for sharing multiple items to an organization at once

  • All importers re-written and updated to better support secure notes and credit cards. New importers added for Blur, Passbolt, and Password Agent

  • Organization import functions now support all importers

  • Locking with auto-lock after 15 minutes of inactivity

  • Password exposure look-ups with Have I Been Pwned?

  • Support for localizing the web vault into other languages (new languages coming soon, see here if you want to help translate)

  • Added configurable password generator under Tools

  • Security improvements

Product Updates
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