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Secure Password Management for MSPs

authored by:

Elizabeth Baier

posted on:

October 7, 2020

While many organizations manage IT services in-house, a growing number of IT professionals partner with a managed service provider (MSP) or managed security service provider (MSSP). Businesses routinely look to these MSPs to provide recommendations and best practices in addition to the valuable services they deliver.

Bitwarden delivers a secure and easy way for service providers and resellers to add to their suite of security offerings.
Typically, channel partners engage in one of three ways:

  • Managed deployments: deploy Bitwarden across your client base and manage the environment for them
  • Straight reselling: resell Bitwarden to customers with or without additional services
  • Internal use: use Bitwarden internally to improve the security of your business

With any of these options, Bitwarden offers support, volume discounting, and marketing assistance. This makes Bitwarden an ideal solution for providers looking to expand their services and offer leading password management to their customers.

hashtagGetting Started

You can get started right away! Create an account and then add an Organization to start. See more detailed instructions here.

hashtagTop Management Features for MSPs

hashtagVaults for every client organization

MSPs can create an Organizational Vault for every client to store Logins, Cards, Identity, and Notes. Additionally, every end-user can be issued a personal Vault to protect personal secrets in addition to whichever credentials are shared with them through the Organizational Vault.

hashtagEasy management for dozens of clients

The MSSP can remain the Owner of the Organization, while clients can be designated Administrator roles. We recommend multiple Organizations, representing each supported client. We also recommend one or two administrative seats per client to provide a range of setup and ongoing management services.

hashtagStreamlined user provisioning and deprovisioning for clients

The Bitwarden Directory Connector makes it easy to keep clients’ Bitwarden user lists constantly up to date with the directory service they already maintain. Use the Directory Connector to provision and deprovision users seamlessly to the Bitwarden service. Unique Directory Connector protocols can be set up for each Organization.

hashtagOrganizational Vault health reports

MSPs can leverage insightful reports to reveal weak and reused passwords, credentials that have been breached and found on the dark web, and other helpful security metrics for clients. Deliver these findings to your client on a monthly or quarterly basis to keep them informed about their organization’s password health.

hashtagCloud, on-premises and self-host options

Covering all options, Bitwarden offers the utmost deployment flexibility. Host Bitwarden via our Cloud, your own Cloud, or a self-hosted instance.

hashtagCross-platform accessibility

Bitwarden delivers accessible password management wherever and whenever you need it. The Bitwarden password vault is available on all popular desktop and mobile operating systems and devices, browser extensions, the Bitwarden website, and via a command line interface for developers and IT professionals.

hashtagBitwarden for Value Added Resellers

In addition, partners can resell the Bitwarden product as is and let Bitwarden handle technical customer support. This approach works well for many partners. Of course, partners are also free to extend additional services to their end customers at any time as they choose.

hashtagVolume considerations

Pricing considerations begin at 250 user seats. Our Sales team can provide further details on request. Special pricing considerations are also given to non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

hashtagWatch the Webcast

Want to bring password management to your client base? Learn about Bitwarden for Managed Service Providers in this webcast.

Bitwarden anticipates expanding our partner program in 2021. We’d love to hear your insights and ideas. If you’d like to give feedback about what you’d like to see, please contact us.

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