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Build an Online Security Culture by Adopting a Healthy Security Routine

Developing an online security culture at work starts with a healthy security routine, both on an organization-wide and individual scale. Take the first step by securing passwords and sensitive information.

Most security leaders are familiar with password best practices:

But how do these best practices become second nature to employees? That level of empowerment starts by building awareness.
Greater awareness of password best practices translates into improved security behaviors, which develops into a positive online security culture.

Adopting a periodic healthy online security routine

Organizations can adopt a healthy online security routine by conducting periodic checks to identify potential risks stemming from workplace account log-ins. Employees can replicate a similar routine for their work accounts and even personal accounts.

Use your password manager health reports

Begin with the vault health reports built into your enterprise password manager. These reports should identify the following risks on workplace accounts saved in the system.

Password Manager Health Reports

A look into the Vault Health Reports in Bitwarden

When to run reports

Block off time to run these reports weekly or monthly or an interval that works for you. Add these checks to your other regularly scheduled security audits like phishing tests. Some companies run security audits up to twice a month, according to a 2020 report.

Have employees conduct their own online security health checks

Employees also have access to a data breach report through their enterprise password manager for workplace accounts. The report identifies compromised passwords (email addresses, passwords, credit cards, etc.) from all-time historical records.

Two ways to encourage the use of vault health reports

Set it up as a simple survey question such as:

Data Breach Check Confirmation: Confirm if you have checked for any exposed passwords attributed to your account using the enterprise password manager tools. Update passwords as necessary to secure your account.

The survey and documentation on employee password health provides a substantive result to use in security and compliance audits.

Take the first step to adopt a healthy online security routine today

Take advantage of an Enterprise Trial of the Bitwarden Password Manager and check out our Vault Health Reports today. You can also set up your own free account to try out the data breach report yourself.

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