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Security is a universal language

authored by:Trey Greer
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The global Bitwarden Community

The Bitwarden community is comprised of a wide range of people from infrastructure professionals and technology enthusiasts, to security-minded individuals across the globe.

The Bitwarden client applications are currently translated into nearly 40 languages, and you may be wondering how this works!

The amazing Bitwarden community achieved this remarkable feat. Leveraging a crowd-sourced translation tool called Crowdin, the Bitwarden team provides a list of ‘strings’ to be translated into individual language files to be included in the applications. This makes it possible for many users to contribute to a single source for translation.

What can be translated

Currently, there are four projects available for translation that correspond with Bitwarden client applications:

These projects represent the majority of Bitwarden use cases and contain the strings used in each client application, along with a context to help translators choose the best vernacular and conjugation of their language.

How to add or correct a translation

Adding a translation is easy: create a Crowdin account and join the project! You’ll see the strings that are available and you’ll be able to add or suggest translations. Proofreaders will approve your translations or corrections.

If you happen to see a translation in your Bitwarden client that doesn’t look correct, you can simply find your translation on Crowdin and submit an issue. This will notify those who have contributed and if it is determined to need an adjustment, it can be corrected.

Please note that these translations are provided by volunteers from the community and timelines for adjustments may not align exactly with Bitwarden client releases, but we will do our best to make sure the applications are up to date with all translation data.

Translation FAQs

Q: How do I request a language to be added?

A: Simply send a message to the Crowdin manager, here and we will work with you to enable it.

Q: When will my language be available?

A: Languages will be imported and committed to their respective repositories once they have reached a minimum of 80% completed.

Q: Does Bitwarden support RTL languages?

A: Currently the Bitwarden clients are not able to support RTL languages.

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