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Link Vault Item URLs for Quick Lookup and Sharing

authored by:

Ryan Luibrand

posted on:

June 2, 2022

Bitwarden users can now link directly to items within the Web Vault via URL. This handy feature offers convenience for teams, admins, and managers alike.

hashtagCopy and share the URLs of Web Vault items

Example of Vault Item

Simply copy the URL in the browser with the vault item open

Now when you open an item in the web vault, the URL will include a query parameter that identifies the vault item, highlighted after the “?” in the URL below.

URL Example

Anyone that has the correct permissions to access this vault item can simply paste the URL into the browser or click a hyperlink pointing there and the web vault will open and that item will pop up.

hashtagUse cases and possibilities!

There are many ways to use this feature:

  • Are you creating technical documentation for operations, such as access point logins? Now you can easily add links into the documents, knowing that only those with correct permissions can access the information.

  • Have specific details in a secure note or attachment that you need to share or collaborate on? Just send over the link to your teammate.

  • Need to specify to someone which account to use for a specific project? Embed the link into the project document.

  • Need something changed but you only have read-only access? Add the link to a ticket and an IT or designated admin can handle it easily.

  • Are you an individual with lots of vault items and a system that you’ve designed? Save links to a secure note or in your system for easy reference.

Remember, only users that have access to the vault item will be able to use a URL to navigate to it. This isn't limited to organizations, but can also be used for your individual vault as well, though only you would be able to access it.

There are many other useful scenarios for sharing links to web vault items. Share clever methods or new ways this helped you with our community!

Linked Items was a part of the May update, with more features and updates included!

Visit today to learn more about other features, plans, pricing, and how Bitwarden keeps data secure!

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