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Bitwarden 2020 and 2021 Security Audits are Complete

authored by:
Kyle Spearrin
posted on:
August 2, 2021

NEW - Bitwarden Security Assessment Report 2021 Download PDF

We take the security of Bitwarden seriously. In addition to our open source codebase and public bug bounty program, we also understand the need for official security assessments and penetration testing from reputable third parties. In November, 2018, Bitwarden successfully completed a source code audit and cryptographic analysis by security firm Cure53.

In our commitment to a regular cadence of security audits on various aspects of the Bitwarden platform, we are pleased to announce that Bitwarden has completed a thorough security assessment and penetration test by auditing firm Insight Risk Consulting.

In the interest of providing full disclosure, below you will find the executive summary that was compiled from the team at Insight Risk Consulting along with an internal report containing a summary of each issue, impact analysis, and the actions taken/planned by Bitwarden regarding the identified issues. We are happy to report that no major issues were identified during this audit. One moderate issue has been patched in the latest Bitwarden server update.

We hope that this assessment reiterates our commitment to the security and integrity of the entire Bitwarden platform and helps further strengthen the trust that our users place in Bitwarden every day.

  • 2018 Bitwarden Security Assessment Report —  Download PDF

  • 2020 Bitwarden Network Security Assessment Report —  Download PDF

  • 2021 Bitwarden Security Assessment Report —  Download PDF

  • 2021 Bitwarden Network Security Assessment Report —  Download PDF

  • 2022 Bitwarden Network Security Assessment Report —  Download PDF

If you have any questions regarding this security audit feel free to contact us.

Note: this article was last updated on December 6th, 2022 to reflect additional security audits.

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