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Beta launch of Bitwarden on Apple Watch

authored by:Ryan Luibrand
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UPDATE 1/17/2023: Bitwarden on Apple watch is out of beta and available for regular download as a part of the iOS version of the Bitwarden app. A huge thank you to all those that provided feedback during the beta program!

Bitwarden app launch on Apple Watch

Bitwarden on Apple Watch (beta)

In this initial beta release, the Bitwarden on Apple Watch app brings the Bitwarden Authenticator TOTP generator to your Apple Watch. Now you can easily access TOTP codes to log into your accounts that support two-factor authentication.

TOTP generation on Apple Watch has been a popular community request, and is the first feature released in beta with more exciting capabilities coming in future releases. TOTP generation as part of the Bitwarden Authenticator is a feature in premium plans.

How to join the beta program

The beta for Bitwarden on Apple Watch will be run through Apple’s TestFlight. You will need to download the TestFlight application from the Apple App Store and join the Bitwarden TestFlight through the link in this forum post.

Within TestFlight, download the beta Bitwarden application. Bitwarden should also appear automatically on your Apple Watch. If it doesn’t, use the Apple Watch app to add Bitwarden to your Apple Watch.

For setting up the Apple Watch app, the help article provides directions on initial configuration and use.

Feedback from the community

We need your help to make it better! Report bugs directly in Github or share general feedback in the TestFlight application or on this community post. It’s the amazing Bitwarden community that makes exciting features and developments like this possible, and we are truly thankful for your participation and input!

Interested in learning more about Bitwarden? Visit today to learn more about password management, plans, pricing, and how Bitwarden can help you keep your logins and other data secure!

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