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When Apple and Zoom Say It's Time to 2FA

authored by:

Gary Orenstein

posted on:

September 22, 2020

Just a couple of weeks ago Zoom announced two-factor authentication (2FA) for desktop. As one of the world’s most popular applications at the moment, this will be relevant to people around the globe.

zoom 2fa

Of course, even more than Zoom, Apple, in iOS 14, is promoting a strong message to enable 2FA. Here is an image of the prompt shared with all new devices or existing devices upgraded to iOS 14.

apple 2fa on new device

There is no doubt that as these global application and device makers promote 2FA, it will become more important for everyday users to know the basics.

hashtagWhat the heck is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA for short, is a mechanism to create a secondary confirmation path for extra security when logging into websites and apps. At Bitwarden, we call this two-step login to be a bit more user friendly.

The recent push by Zoom and Apple to encourage two-step login is just one measure of necessity. Another is the the recent data breach of a popular online popular grocer who did not have two-step login as an option.

[Popular online grocer] blames reused passwords for account hacks, but customers are still without basic two-factor security (TechCrunch, July, 2020)

hashtagTwo-step login is strong security, and should be taken seriously

Two step-login is a strong practice to enable extra security on an account.

But that strength can sometimes lead to unintended consequences, such as getting permanently locked out of your account.

With that in mind, we created several blog posts and a webcast to walk through all kinds of options for two-step login.

First and foremost, pay attention when you are setting up two-step login for any account.

Next, always note your recovery codes that are typically provided when you enable two-step login, and keep them in a safe spot, perhaps printed out and placed in a lockbox or safe.

There is a lot more to learn about two-step login, including how you can effectively use it with your password manager. For more information please see the following resources.

hashtagTwo-step Login Resources

Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden BLOG POST

  • Introductory reference information for everyone

banner basics of 2fa

Field Guide for Two-Step Login HELP NOTE

  • A bit more technical detail, including examples on Reddit

two-step login basic setup

Two-step Login for Twitter with Bitwarden BLOG POST

  • Step by step instructions

Bitwarden and Twitter

Two-Step Login for Nintendo Switch with Bitwarden BLOG POST

  • Step by step instructions

nintendo two step login bitwarden

Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden WEBCAST

  • Watch the webcast replay for a narrated walkthrough of two-step login

webcat basics of 2fa replay

Basics of two-factor authentication with Bitwarden GOOGLE SLIDES

  • Grab the webcast slide deck

webcast basics of 2fa slides

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