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Why Bring Bitwarden to Your Entire Business

You might be successfully using Bitwarden for a smaller team in your company, but there are very good reasons to expand secure password management to your whole organization.

1. The threat of cyberattacks and the costs of a breach keep growing

  • Every year the amount of compromised customer records (emails, address, other PII) continues to rise (Forgerock, 2022)

  • The costs associated with each record compromised are also increasing.

  • In 2023, IBM reported that the average breach cost in the U.S. was now up to $9.48 Million.

  • More alarming, 86% of breaches came from compromised credentials such as from being stolen/phished or stuffed (Verizon, 2023).

2. Too many apps and websites are not SSO enabled and lack protection

  • Between one and two-thirds of critical business apps are not SSO enabled (451 Research).

  • Uncovered apps include user-level cloud storage websites, messaging apps, and even older internal applications.

  • Bitwarden is SSO enabled and extends the security from your identity provider to all the credentials stored in a Bitwarden vault.

3. Expanding Bitwarden usage to your entire business is easy

  • Rolling Bitwarden out to the rest of your organization is simple.

  • First, Bitwarden is universally compatible with SSO services, so you don’t need to make any vendor changes.

  • You can provision users easily through SSO, or use SCIM or Directory Connector to bring structured teams online automatically.

  • Finally, you can deploy Bitwarden to managed devices and utilize training resources to onboard users quickly.

In an era of escalating cyber threats and soaring breach costs, safeguarding company data and customer information is essential. Bitwarden provides the tools for users to create secure credentials in a secure vault, and extends SSO security to those sites and non-SSO enabled apps. Ensure your business is protected against credential-based cyber attacks by deploying Bitwarden to every employee today.

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