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Why Bitwarden Secrets Manager is the right choice for secure secrets management

Solution overview: Bitwarden Secrets Manager

It’s no secret that businesses are more susceptible to unauthorized access and data breaches than ever before. According to GitGuardian, 5 million credentials and other critical secrets are leaked on GitHub every year and Forbes reports that the cost of these secret leaks is expected to reach $10.5 trillion globally in 2025.

Bitwarden Secrets Manager is an end-to-end encrypted secrets management solution for IT, DevOps, and development teams to easily store, share, manage, and automate infrastructure secrets at scale. Bitwarden Secrets Manager securely facilitates the programmatic machine-to-machine interactions necessary for your development pipelines.

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Solution overview: Bitwarden Secrets Manager

Why Bitwarden Secrets Manager

How it compares to other solutions

Bitwarden company overview

Why Bitwarden Secrets Manager

Bitwarden Secrets Manager is the right choice for your secrets management needs with:

  • Strong security - Other competitors use weak encryption methods. Bitwarden has a strong security posture with zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption, and open source security.

  • Predictable pricing - Bitwarden offers a predictable user-based pricing structure that is easy to plan for. Every Secrets Manager plan supports the ability to store and secure unlimited secrets. 

  • Consolidated security vendor - Bitwarden Secrets Manager seamlessly works alongside Bitwarden Password Manager, allowing your team to manage your company’s important credentials — all from one location. 

  • Deployment flexibility - Bitwarden Secrets Manager is a flexible solution that supports the management of secrets from any environment and out-of-the-box integrations to fit your tech stack. 

Trust - Bitwarden is trusted by millions of individuals and businesses across the globe to secure their privileged credentials and are regularly reviewed by third-party security experts.

How it compares to other solutions

Cloud providers

Cloud providers like AWS Secrets Manager, Azure Key Vault, and Google Secrets Manager struggle to meet start-up, SMBs, and enterprise secrets management needs.

In general, cloud providers are:

  • Restrictive - Secrets management cloud providers are limited to storing only code and infrastructure secrets from within their cloud ecosystem. If your team utilizes any other developer platform across their development environment, this solution would not align with your needs. 

  • Expensive and unpredictable - Bitwarden offers a transparent and predictable user-based pricing structure that is easy to plan for. Usage-based pricing offered by AWS, Google, and Azure, is complicated, difficult to predict, and too expensive for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Not scalable - As your business grows, so does your development ecosystem and secrets management usage. Usage-based pricing offered by cloud providers makes it expensive to scale your secrets management with your business growth.

  • Weaker security - While cloud providers typically encrypt customer data at rest and in transit, Bitwarden has a strong security posture with zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption, open source security, and annual third-party security audits protecting all secrets in your vault.

HashiCorp Vault

Bitwarden Secrets Manager and HashiCorp offerings can complement each other and many successful Bitwarden customers use both. Bitwarden may be a better choice for companies with limited IT capacity and a desire to secure the entire organization with the same software vendor. 

In general, HashiCorp comes with:

  • Secondary security focus - HashiCorp primarily focuses on cloud infrastructure solutions with a secondary focus on security offerings. Bitwarden is 100% focused on security solutions for businesses and individuals.

  • High IT overhead - HashiCorp requires high IT overhead to maintain availability and disaster recovery for their open source offering. Bitwarden is open source and does not require additional IT support for operations. 

  • Complex - Hashicorp is a complex solution with dispersed vault/cluster architecture while Bitwarden offers an intuitive, centralized, and streamlined interface that is easier for end-users and admins to navigate

  • Slow deployment - While HashiCorp offers little documentation to get started and requires about three months on average to deploy, Bitwarden supports new users for quick deployment with comprehensive and up-to-date documentation.

Unpredictable pricing - HashiCorp has an expensive tiered pricing based on “client” count. Bitwarden offers a transparent and predictable user-based pricing structure that is easy to plan for.

Bitwarden company overview

Bitwarden empowers enterprises, businesses, developers, and individuals to safely store and share sensitive information. Founded in 2016, Bitwarden has become a credential management leader with a transparent, open-source approach to password management, secrets management, and passwordless innovations. Zero-knowledge, end-to-end encryption is at the heart of everything we do at Bitwarden, ensuring everyone, everywhere can protect their sensitive information, collaborate securely, and work productively. 

Key customers

Reputable organizations who are trailblazers in their respective industries put their trust in Bitwarden Secrets Manager.


  • Computer software company

  • 32k customers globally 

  • Adopted Bitwarden to secure digital authentication credentials

  • Read the full case study

Titanom Technologies 

  • IT Services and IT Consulting

  • Over 100 secrets to manage

  • Adopted Bitwarden to enforce a source of truth for machine secrets

  • Read the full case study

Bitwarden product portfolio

Are you ready for complete business security? Secure everything across your organization with Bitwarden credential management solutions for infrastructure secrets, passwords, and passwordless experiences.

Bitwarden Password Manager - Secure and share sensitive information for teams, enterprises, and everyone

Bitwarden - Build passkeys for end user and workforce authentication across external and internal apps

Bitwarden Secrets Manager - Protect critical machine credentials for DevOps, IT, and development teams

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Enjoy premium features

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Secure your family logins

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Share sensitive data safely with coworkers, across departments, or the entire company

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Utilize advanced features including enterprise policies, passwordless SSO, and account recovery.

Includes premium features and complimentary families plan for all users

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For companies with hundreds or thousands of employees contact sales for a custom quote and see how Bitwarden can:

  • Reduce cybersecurity risk
  • Boost productivity
  • Integrate seamlessly

Bitwarden scales with any sized business to bring password security to your organization

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