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Four Reasons Why Students Should Use a Password Manager

authored by:Baylor Randolph
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Now more than ever students spend the majority of their time online. They’re learning online, socializing online, gaming online, and more. With all this comes a large number of accounts and passwords, which for security’s sake should all be unique.

Here are four reasons why a password manager is an essential tool for students.

1. Generate and store unique and complex passwords

In order to stay secure, every password needs to be unique and complex for every app or service used. This is challenging and nearly impossible for people to remember and keep track. Busy students might resort to bad practices such as using the same password across multiple sites and storing them in insecure places like a note on their phone. Even if students know the security risks, convenience often takes precedence when it comes to creating and storing passwords.

Password managers such as Bitwarden allow users to generate unique and strong passwords with random characters or passphrases that are difficult to crack. With these randomly generated passwords, individuals can avoid password reuse as a password manager creates a convenient and secure way to store them all.

2. Access your passwords from any device

Students use phones, laptops, and lab computers to do their work. When it comes to convenience it’s crucial to be able to access your passwords from any device or browser. Using your device or browser to save your passwords may seem convenient in the moment but it can prove to be a challenge when switching between multiple devices or having to borrow a device that isn’t your own.

Bitwarden is accessible through a mobile app, desktop app, web browser extensions, and a web vault accessed online, so a student will never have to worry about trying to access their accounts on a school device and being locked out. Imagine being at a friend’s place only to remember that the term paper is due and having to borrow their laptop to be able to login and submit it! WIth a password manager that can be accessed anywhere, the final draft stored in the cloud can be submitted to the class portal without any hiccups.

3. Store cards, identity information, and secure notes

For college students going out in the world for the first time, they may be starting to manage all of their personal information, including credit card information, social security number, financial aid PINs, driver's license number, insurance information, and more. It can be hard to keep track of all of this important information.

Beyond just storing logins, Bitwarden can safely store credit card numbers, identity information, and secure notes to keep track of Student ID numbers and more. Whether at home or on campus, individuals can conveniently access all of their personal information and be confident that it remains secure.

4. It’s affordable

A tight student budget might make it difficult to justify paying for another service. Fortunately, ramen is not going to be a necessity as the best password managers offer a fully featured free option! Bitwarden especially believes that secure password management should be available for everyone. The Bitwarden free basic account offers a complete password management solution that can be used across unlimited devices and logins.

Password Management is important for everyone

Regardless of grade year or type of education, internet and password security is important for everyone. Just as school and education are the foundation of a career, good password habits, if developed early, are the foundation of having a secure internet presence in the future. With cybersecurity skills in high demand, potential employers are likely to appreciate employees who already bring a solid understanding of password management to the workplace.

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