U.S. News Ranks Bitwarden Best Password Managers of 2022

Bitwarden was selected for Best Password Managers of 2022. Find out for yourself what makes Bitwarden a top choice.

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us news ranks 2022 | us news ranks 2022

Top three reasons U.S. News recommends Bitwarden

Open Source Software and Transparency

“Bitwarden set a good example[…] starting with opening its source code for anybody to download and inspect for vulnerabilities.”

Designed for the Security-Conscious User

“Bitwarden employs open-source cryptography to secure your data, with the encryption keys confined to your own devices.”

Affordable Plans and Pricing Options

“Bitwarden offers a full-featured password management system for a reasonable price.”

How the U.S. News Password Manager rating system works

U.S. News took a detailed approach to the 2021-2022 Password Manager evaluation. Here is how their methodology works:

  • Vendor Research: Starting with 18 password managers, U.S. News narrowed the list considerably based on key product features, compliance requirements, and software inspections by credible third parties.

  • 360 Analysis of Third-Party Reviews: The rating system is based on a composite analysis of the reviews published by credible third-party review sources.

Bitwarden "costs significantly less than competitors. Bitwarden's free version will satisfy many people with all of the standard password management features like storing, generating, and synchronizing passwords between devices.”

- U.S. News

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