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Mobile Phones
Everything you need from a password manager
Generate strong passwords
Create strong, unique, and complex passwords and usernames for every online account directly within your vault.
Secure your online accounts
Strengthen your online account security by storing and managing passwords in one end-to-end encrypted place.
Access your passwords anywhere
Gain secure access to your passwords and other sensitive data from anywhere on unlimited devices.
Save time logging in
Save precious time by populating logins automatically as you browse, or autofill credentials by enabling biometrics.
Share data securely
Securely share passwords and encrypted files quickly and easily, and ensure shared data can only be accessed by those who need it.
Reduce cybersecurity risk
Establish a first line of defense against data breaches, and eliminate password vulnerabilities with vault health reports.
“When it comes to password management tools, there’s no better than Bitwarden. It’s open source so completely transparent, and runs on all major platforms, including your favourite web browsers.”
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