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March 2023 Spotlight: Bitwarden Secrets Manager - Now available in Beta

Learn how Bitwarden Secrets Manager serves developer, DevOps, and IT teams across the entire development lifecycle.

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Secrets Manager brings open source security and zero knowledge encryption to secrets management
Secrets Manager brings open source security and zero knowledge encryption to secrets management

Bitwarden Secrets Manager delivers a secure, end-to-end encrypted solution for storing, managing, automating, and sharing secrets at scale and is now available in open beta. With one central location for secure secrets storage, Bitwarden minimizes the hard coding of secrets, prevents unauthorized access to privileged systems, and enables developers to be more productive. Learn more about how Bitwarden Secrets Manager empowers teams across the entire development lifecycle. 


As a critical infrastructure and security solution, Bitwarden empowers users with the tools and resources they need to safely manage their data online. To do that successfully, the Bitwarden architecture meets the highest security standards which are upheld through annual third-party audits conducted by external security experts. The Bitwarden security audits cover all aspects of the product and service including IPs, servers, web applications, and source code. Read the summary of the 2022 security assessment report to learn more.

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More Bits and Bites

Hacker’s Guide to VIP Security

Before hackers hack, they do their research. According to whitehat hacker and CEO of SocialProof Security, Rachel Tobac, it only takes one email, a 30-second call, or one social media direct message to hack VIPs of an organization and gain access to sensitive business data such as bank information. Learn more about the information cyber criminals look for, the primary principles they use when selecting a target, and how you can keep your team secure.

Password sharing best practices for teams

Passwords are essential for businesses and individuals to function in the modern era. When you have to share passwords among departments or teams, every user involved must follow best practices to ensure those credentials don't wind up in the wrong hands. Learn important password sharing best practices and how Bitwarden makes this process easy to scale across teams and organizations.

Why Bitwarden is the password manager for global enterprises

With an internationally dispersed workforce, global enterprises have unique needs when it comes to password management. With more than 50 supported languages, self-hosting capabilities, flexible integration options, and open source transparency, Bitwarden is the optimal choice for password management on a global scale. Learn more about how Bitwarden empowers users around the world to protect business accounts and secure sensitive information. 

How to convince your business to invest in a password management solution

What happens when it comes time to convince your team or company to adopt a password management solution? You might find yourself up against a challenge, but if you go into that first meeting ready with a few important points, you'll have a much easier time making the case. Learn more about how to make a convincing argument for a business password manager.

How a password manager adds to productivity at the office

In this modern age of technology, a password manager offers a considerable boost to productivity for teams that need to work efficiently and collaboratively, without compromising security. Not only does it strengthen employees account security and streamline access controls, but more advanced solutions like Bitwarden also enable users to securely share vault entries like corporate credit cards. Learn more about how password management improves productivity across teams and organizations.

Two-step Login for Twitter with Bitwarden

Phishing attacks reached an all time high throughout the pandemic, including the July 2020 high profile attacks on prominent Twitter accounts. While these attacks did not directly involve end-user security, it always helps to have reminders to boost safety and protection of our accounts. Read the article to learn how to set up two-step login for your Twitter account using Bitwarden and the built in Bitwarden Authenticator.

Community Spotlight

As an open-source project, the global community plays an important role in contributing to a world free of breaches and hacks. In this month’s issue, we’d like to extend a special thanks to community leader dh024 for creating an extensive guide to backing up your vault. Visit the Community Tips section of the forums for more helpful advice from members of the Bitwarden community.

Bitwarden Community March 2023
Bitwarden Community March 2023

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