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AutoFill: Browser Extension

The first feature I want to talk about is Autofill. In this screen shot we are using the browser extension to autofill logging into the website TurboTax. The notification badge at the top you can see has a 1, which means Bitwarden recognizes there is a login item saved in Bitwarden. You can click on the extension and select to autofill your credentials. If you have more than one login item saved for the same URL, there will still be the badge notification to indicate how many there are saved for you to select the item to autofill.

AutoFill: Right Click

Another way to autofill is by right clicking. Once you are in the field section, You can right click and go to ‘Bitwarden’ and then to ‘Autofill’ and select the credentials you want to use for logging in. 

Browser Extension: Autofill Credentials

Bitwarden has keyboard shortcuts you can use to autofill your credentials. So based on your browser it is either Control Shift L or Command Shift L. 

One feature I want to mention about autofill is as long as you have Bitwarden premium, you get the capabilities to do two-factor authentication. 

If you use autofill, it will auto copy the 2 step login code after the login autofill for you. All you would need to do, is once you initially log in, and are presented the 2-step login screen, is press control V to paste, and it will automatically fill in your TOTP* code.

*TOTP = (time-based one time password) code.

Autofill: Extension Option

To expand on the autofill feature, there is an option to autofill on page load, which means if a login form is detected by Bitwarden it will automatically auto-fill your login credentials when the page loads. 

This feature is not automatically enabled. To turn this on, you have to go into the Settings, Options-- Enable Auto-fill on page load. Lastly, the feature we just talked about with two-factor authentication, if you have the enable auto fill on page load turned on, you will not be able to auto copy the TOTP code, this will be getting updated in our next release which is scheduled to happen soon. (Update Coming Soon)

Keyboard Shortcut

An additional keyboard shortcut is available when you want to open the browser extension window. You can use the browser shortcut provided based on the browser you are using.

Autofill Coverage: Mobile

There are autofill options to choose from on both android and iOS. You can experiment to find the one option that works for you (one or both) and details for both iOS and Android are available on our help site.

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