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Defining and sustaining value for Bitwarden users

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Bitwarden envisions a world where no one gets hacked. We embrace the reach of this vision, and base our business model on core principles designed to make it a reality by delivering the best password management solutions to businesses and individuals.

For businesses, Bitwarden helps them stay secure and allows them to find ways to do business faster, safely.

For individuals and their families, Bitwarden helps them stay safe, productive, and able to share private information securely.

All together, Bitwarden empowers individuals, teams and organizations to access, store, and share sensitive data easily and securely.

Bitwarden Principles

To help Bitwarden users and customers understand Bitwarden as a company, here are the guideposts we follow to pursue our vision.

In order to bring about a world in which no one gets hacked, everyone needs access to basic password management without a financial hurdle.

Bitwarden delivers a fully featured basic account for individuals to store unlimited passwords across unlimited devices and platforms – for free, no strings attached.

Bitwarden users are NOT the product; paid plans drive Bitwarden as a company

Sometimes people mistakenly think that users of the Bitwarden Basic Free Account “become the product” by being an audience for advertising. While that may be true for other free software products, it is not the case with Bitwarden.

The Bitwarden business model, in terms of revenue, focuses on our paid plans, and in particular the Teams and Enterprise business plans. Those plans include more advanced features for customers who can afford to pay for them – features like federated login, IT administration tools, directory service integration, and more.

Bitwarden users help Bitwarden with feedback and referrals

Having a fully featured free version is key to enabling the Bitwarden vision of a hack-free world. And it also helps the Bitwarden experience in other ways. Specifically, Bitwarden users ensure that the product delivers the best and most secure experience. Millions of users give Bitwarden detailed feedback every day, and we remain grateful for a vibrant and active Bitwarden community and all your input.

Many Bitwarden users also bring Bitwarden to work, or refer Bitwarden when work-related needs arise. These word-of-mouth referrals are a cornerstone of the Bitwarden product-led growth strategy. They allow us to focus on building the best product for both individuals and businesses, and reinforce that security habits are equally important at work and at home.

Open source is the only way to guarantee 100% transparency and earn trust

Bitwarden works hard to earn the trust of our users and customers. From the very beginning, Bitwarden has been 100% open in our development. Being open source guarantees 100% transparency and ensures that everyone can see exactly what is happening within Bitwarden product code. No other leading password management provider meets this standard.

In addition to an open source approach, Bitwarden maintains a rigorous program of 3rd party audits and compliance certifications, as well as cooperation with independent security researchers. See details at Bitwarden Compliance.

Bitwarden focuses on security with a privacy friendly approach

Bitwarden is first and foremost a security company. We also recognize that robust security with end-to-end encryption enables users who prefer privacy-centric solutions.

In addition to the company privacy policy, Bitwarden follows these principles:

  • Bitwarden does not sell customer data

    • We rely on our users to spread the good word about Bitwarden within their own channels to generate awareness, more users, and more business customers

  • Bitwarden does not advertise on its own website

    • Bitwarden does advertise with different programs on 3rd party websites

  • Bitwarden does not have a monetary referral program

    • Should one emerge, we will update this post and explain accordingly

  • Bitwarden minimizes data collection

    • To deliver our service, Bitwarden relies on Administrative Data and we aim to keep that as simple as possible

Bitwarden serves the world

To achieve the vision of a world where no one gets hacked, Bitwarden needs to be accessible to everyone. In addition to offering a fully featured Basic Free Account, Bitwarden has been localized to over 50 languages, helping us reach a global audience.

The Bitwarden community has been instrumental in driving this effort as well as shaping the product and communicating with the world. If a community is defined as a group of people who are passionate, engaged, and vocal about what they like and what they want – then Bitwarden has the largest global community of password management users in the world. It’s easy to find Bitwarden community members – they are well represented in the Bitwarden Community Forums, as well as other online areas such as GitHub, Reddit, Twitter, and more.

Bitwarden operates with GRIT

Bitwarden company values spell the word “GRIT,” and stand for:

  • Gratitude

  • Responsibility

  • Inclusion

  • Transparency

Those values are self-evident. In addition, as the word GRIT itself denotes, Bitwarden is committed to persist and continue to innovate in the face of ever-increasing security threats.

If you’d like to learn more about Bitwarden values, please visit our careers page.

Defining and Sustaining the Future

Bitwarden is forging ahead with a set of defining and sustaining principles that remain unique in the market while also driving the potential for global impact.

And the strategy works. The Bitwarden community continues to grow based on the foundation of a fully featured free version for everyone, forever:

  • Every internet user has access to basic password management regardless of financial means

  • Friends can recommend password management to friends without a financial hurdle

  • Everyone can participate in trying, using, and sharing password management

The community remains the force it is today because many Bitwarden users simply cannot help wanting to help. Throughout the world, day after day, they continue to do so.

Bitwarden as a company continues to grow sustainably and quickly by serving users who can afford to pay, in particular businesses with Teams and Enterprise plans.

Bitwarden free and paid plans complement and reinforce each other. Individuals ensure Bitwarden has the best, most usable product across the largest number of global users. Business plans ensure Bitwarden has a way to continue to grow as a company. At the same time, a greater number of active Bitwarden end-users means a greater chance of being recommended for business use. Coming full circle, once enrolled on an Enterprise plan, all Bitwarden users receive a complimentary family plan, which broadens the number of users again, creating positive cybersecurity momentum at home and at work.

Throughout all of this, Bitwarden maintains the utmost transparency with an open source architecture that provides visibility to ensure Bitwarden code remains trusted. And Bitwarden company values, based on GRIT (Gratitude, Responsibility, Inclusion, and Transparency), imply trust and respect.

Bitwarden recognizes that in securing users globally, we are all in this together. If you are already part of the Bitwarden user community, thank you! If you are not, you’re most welcome to join.

To get started today, check out a Basic Free Account, an Individual Premium Account, or a free trial for a Business Account.

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