Bitwarden for developers

Enabling you with SDKs, APIs, and integration tools

Password Manager

Securing all your passwords, passkeys, and sensitive information


Org Management API

Use the API to create a suite of tools to manage members, collections, groups, event logs, and policies

Public API

Vault management API

Use the vault management API for programmatic access to Vault secrets


Bitwarden CLI

Use the command-line-interface (CLI) to fully access and manage your vault

Secrets Manager

Simpler, faster secrets management for developers and DevOps pros


CLI Tools

Use the powerful command-line interface (CLI) to retrieve and inject secrets


SDK access

Use SDKs to create your own applications for secrets management


Available Integrations

Integrations to get the most out of your secrets management investment

Ansible integrationGithub actionsCI/CD docs

Build passwordless experiences such as passkeys and magic links


Quick start guide

Get started quickly with by following the quick start guide


Supports popular languages

Bitwarden supports all the popular languages such as .NET, Java, Node.js and SDKs

Additional resources

Bitwarden source code

Passwords, secrets, and passkey source codes. Open sourced to give you everything you need to build security with confidence

Get started

Self host for more control

Ways to contribute

Set up a local environment and start contributing to the Bitwarden codebase

Contribute to code base


Be a part of a community of ethical hackers in discovering security vulnerabilities and weaknesses
HackerOne program

Talk to Bitwarden developers about your code contributions
Bitwarden on Gitter

Developer news

Developer events

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