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The Bitwarden Blog

Bitwarden Community Guide

authored by:

Trey Greer

posted on:

March 17, 2020

How do I participate?

As part of the Bitwarden community, you have several ways to participate and contribute!

Social Media

Share thoughts, feelings, and experiences with us using a variety of channels.


You can find us @bitwarden and we’re around most of the time. Mention us and we’ll do our best to answer any questions!


Glad to have a community of about 10,000 on the Bitwarden subreddit, lots of active users ready to help each other out.


Many community members post their videos of how-tos, reviews, and even comparisons across platforms. Here are a couple of recent highlights:


Feeling businesslike? We use LinkedIn to share news and hiring updates.


This community mostly fosters discussion with other Facebook users.

We hear from folks across the globe daily. We are more than happy to answer questions and hear stories about how you use Bitwarden every day!

Bitwarden Community Forums

Suggest features and converse with other users at

This is where the real work begins! You can search for existing topics, then comment and vote, or post a new topic in our Feature Request category to get the ball rolling.

You can also tap into an extensive user-base for help with everyday Bitwarden questions!


Report issues at

Our developer community, as well as the engineers here at Bitwarden, monitor our issues very closely. The issues feature allows us all to stay in sync so anyone can pick it up and start fixing it ASAP!

What’s next?

Stay involved!

Use Bitwarden for all the things you love it for - and try it for some of the things you may not love it for - yet! Trying out different functions and practices helps us (and the community) think of ways to make the product bigger and better.

Post early, post often!

We like staying busy - so keep us engaged with all your feedback. Good, bad, ugly - we want to hear it all!


You can contribute to the Bitwarden codebase! Sometimes you must “be the change you wish to see” (after submitting a pull request, of course). Bitwarden has tons of contributions from things as technical as default SSL negotiation for our CLI application, all the way to translating Bitwarden into dozens of languages. It’s a team effort of global proportions.

An ongoing adventure

The team at Bitwarden works diligently every day to consider all the factors going into what to work on next. Hearing from our users at every level makes sure that we get the truest sense of what matters the most. Let’s stay connected.

— The Bitwarden Team

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