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Streamlining Legal Caseloads with Shared Password Management

authored by:Gary Orenstein
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When Harrison Ward, Chief Technology Officer at RMWBH PC, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, set out to make his organization cloud-ready, he knew he’d need a password manager to get there. Like many, Harrison faced outdated practices for sharing passwords among co-workers when he first arrived at the firm. And as part of a state-wide legal team serving thousands of clients, Harrison wanted to empower the team with a tool to manage shared credentials securely.

“Passwords are the cornerstone of all security and something we have to deal with on a daily basis.”
-Harrison Ward, CTO

Harrison initially deployed Bitwarden to his IT team and he noted, “Bitwarden has changed the way we operate in our IT environment and the team immediately fell in love with it.”

Beyond providing a secure collaborative tool to share credentials, Bitwarden gives the team at RMWBH added flexibility. For example, if a case needs to be distributed from one paralegal to another, that handoff can happen seamlessly without a need to set up and configure access. The management of over 10,000 passwords is automated across a series of Collections that enables automatic distribution, taking the process down to hours from days.

Harrison shares that he was able to get easy buy-in from his team as Bitwarden saves everyone time and effort, leading to employee happiness and productivity!

See the full case study video here:

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