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“Bitwarden provides one of the best free password managers on the market. Its free plan offers storage for an unlimited number of passwords, syncs them across an unlimited number of devices, provides sharing capabilities and data breach reports and more.”

Here are the 8 best password managers of June 2024


“Bitwarden is the best value for anyone seeking an open-source, third-party password manager.”

The Best Password Managers for Google Chrome


“Based on that rigorous testing, Bitwarden is currently CNET's top pick for the best password manager, thanks in part to its commitment to transparency and its unbeatable free tier.”

Best Password Manager in 2024


“Bitwarden supports millions of users and is one of the most well-known password manager options for personal and business use. Users can set the service up in mere minutes and enjoy the site’s Zero Knowledge encryption model in a transparent, open-source framework.”

Bitwarden vs. 1Password 2024: Which Is Best for You?


“If you’re looking for value when it comes to password managers, it’s very hard to look past Bitwarden.”

Best password managers for Mac and iPhone


“Bitwarden has risen to the top of the industry with features ranging from passkeys to autofill.”

Bitwarden in-line autofill for easier password submission


“Bitwarden is absolutely stellar when it comes to value, giving away a very competent password manager with features that its rivals usually closet behind a paywall.”

Best password manager of 2024


“I picked Bitwarden as the best overall open source password manager for its high level mix of security, ease of use and reliability… Whether you have a big or small team, Bitwarden will serve you well.”

4 Best Open Source Password Managers for Teams in 2024


“Bitwarden boasts the backing of some of the world’s best security experts and an attractive, easy-to-use interface. We consider it to be one of the best open-source password managers currently available.”

5 Best Free Password Managers 2024

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