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Getting started as a Families admin

1. Create an Account and Master Password

Use your personal email (ex. to create an account directly through the Bitwarden self-registration page or from your Family Organization's invitation email.

On the create your account screen, you will be prompted to set up a Master Password which you will use to access your vault. Be sure to store this somewhere securely as Bitwarden can not reset it for you. Use the Bitwarden Password Generator to help create a strong password or a memorable passphrase.

2. Create an Organization

If you are the first family admin to create an account with Bitwarden, you will also need to create your Organization.

If your Organization has already been created, you will need to ask an owner or admin of your Organization to send you an invitation email.

Note: if you also have a work or business account associated with an Enterprise organization, you may use that account to redeem your sponsorship for a free Families plan.

3. Get to know your vault

As an administrator, you will be able to store items (logins, cards, identities, and secure notes) in both your individual vault and your Organization vault.

4. Invite additional users to your Organization

Invite your other family members to your Organization.

5. Create Collections

Your Organization vault allows you and your family to share items through Collections. You can also manage access to those collections so that some members (ex. children), can only use items in that collection and not edit them.

6. Import your passwords

Bring your previously saved passwords from a wide variety of other password managers or those saved inside your browser. We have more information on our help site about importing data to your personal vault and your shared Organization vault.

7. Optional Steps

Set up two-step login

You can add additional security to your Bitwarden account by setting up one or more of the available two-step login methods.

Set up emergency access

Designate and manage trusted contacts who can request access to your vault in case of emergency. Note that this is a multi-step process that must be completed before the emergency access is requested.

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