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New Features Alert - Bitwarden Talks Trash and Timeouts!

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What’s New

We’re excited to announce the availability of two new handy features in your Bitwarden vault!

  1. Deleted items are now placed in a Trash folder for 30 days, just in case you didn’t mean to start spring-cleaning just yet.

  2. Vault “Lock Options” are now “Vault Timeout”––allowing you to pick whether or not your vault locks or logs you out completely upon your specified time period, additionally allowing those who log out to use their two-step login credentials to authenticate each and every time their vault times out.

Talk Trash

Let’s talk about the Trash feature!

Until now, deleting an item in your Bitwarden vault was a one-way trip, which could be frustrating, especially if that item had a TOTP key, recovery codes, or even just a note that you really, really didn’t want to delete.

Not so any longer! Once you click the big, red, delete button, we spare your items from being completely erased for a moment and place them into the new Trash folder, which can be found under your main listing. You can try it by doing the following:

  • Select an item and choose delete (web vault pictured)

Select an item in your Bitwarden vault and choose delete

Select Delete from the options on an item to send it to the trash

  • Confirm Deletion

Confirm deletion of item in Bitwarden vault

Confirm the deletion

  • Navigate to the new Trash folder

Navigate to the new Trash folder
  • Select “Restore” to bring the item back to your vault, or “Permanently Delete” to be rid of it forever.

Select “Restore” to bring the item back to your vault, or “Permanently Delete” to be rid of it forever

It’s that easy!

For more information about managing items, visit our help article here.

Going in timeout

Now let’s talk about the newest way to secure your vault when you’re away from your computer, Vault timeout!

First, it’s important to highlight the difference between locking your vault and logging out.

  1. Vault locked: Your data is in an encrypted state, and requires your master password to be decrypted. This can be performed online or offline. Recommended for those who may be in an offline state.

  2. Vault logged out: Your data is completely removed from the device memory, and all authentication is revoked. That device must log in again and gather vault data. This also requires the use of any two-step authentication required and must be done online. Recommended for the highest level of security, where users are online.

With those criteria in mind, when you navigate to your Vault options you’ll now be prompted with the same configurable timeouts as before (each set is based on the client, web vault pictured here) - but now with the option to decide if you’d like your vault to Lock or Log Out once the timeout is reached.

Option to decide if you’d like your vault to Lock or Log Out once the timeout is reached

For more information on Vault timeout, check out this helpful article.

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