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Bitwarden hits general availability

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Simplify passkey development and create frictionless authentication experiences

Today, Bitwarden announces the general availability of Bitwarden, a developer toolkit that provides an extensive, easy-to-deploy API for integrating FIDO2 WebAuthn-based passkeys into websites and enterprise applications. 

The open source offering saves engineering resources and reduces the complexities of deploying Face ID, fingerprint, and Windows Hello. Bitwarden helps developers bring websites and apps to market with easier and secure logins – with just a few lines of code, developers can create frictionless authentication experiences in minutes, simplifying the passkey deployment process. 

Passkeys make it easy for users to do the right thing 

Passkeys, which use public key cryptography, protect users from phishing attacks and eliminate the need for traditional usernames, passwords, or additional authentication factors. They simplify account registration, allow users to get started with any application effortlessly, and make it easy for everyone to do the right thing when it comes to online security.

Building passkey authentication for customers and employees

Bitwarden customer Lundatech AB, an integration platform based on state-of-the-art security and availability technologies for collecting, structuring, and integrating data for real-time analysis and system interoperability, uses Bitwarden to improve sign-up and login experiences for both customers and employees. 

“Our customers and partners consist of software vendors, large private corporations, and government agencies, all with high security and reliability requirements,” said Lundatech AB CTO and founder Henrik Doverhill. “We wanted to give them better security and a modern, more streamlined authentication experience. Bitwarden trimmed down our development process – within an hour, we had passwordless authentication up and running.” 

Lundatech AB also deployed passkeys logins across internal applications. A seamless authentication flow allowed employees to easily onboard and log into internal applications. 

“With Bitwarden, we rolled out easier logins and secure user authentication. We’ve eliminated tedious password resets and complicated multifactor flows with OTP codes,” said Doverhill. “Our employees save time by being able to access the internal applications they need much more quickly.” 

New functionality: Admin console for passkey administrators

To simplify the admin experience, Bitwarden now includes a new admin console that allows developers to set up their applications, manage user attributes, gain insight into passkey usage, deploy code, and get up and running immediately. 

Create and configure applications, monitor usage, and manage billing within the admin console.
Create and configure applications, monitor usage, and manage billing within the admin console.

Easy onboarding experience

Bitwarden Get Started tab guides developers through the steps needed to set up accounts and ensure users, applications, and policies meet organizational requirements.

Onboard easily and start building
Onboard easily and start building

Third-party security audit completed 

Committed to safeguarding customers, Bitwarden undergoes annual third-party security audits to meet the highest criteria of securing, maintaining and processing customer data. Recently, Bitwarden completed and passed a penetration and source code audit with third party cybersecurity firm Cure53, which investigated and assessed Bitwarden servers, infrastructure, and web applications. 

Free plan: Passwordless for everyone

To drive value for developers and accelerate broad passwordless adoption among consumers and enterprises, Bitwarden is launching a free tier of Bitwarden With the free plan – which includes the full developer toolkit and supports up to 10,000 monthly users – developers can explore Bitwarden features without upfront costs.  

Helping the world rely less on passwords

When it comes to passwordless adoption, enterprises look for a combination of security, convenience, and ease of use. These have always been key tenets of the Bitwarden product philosophy, as evidenced by the broad range of passwordless offerings available. 

Passwordless innovations across the Bitwarden product portfolio

Get started with Bitwarden

Sign up for a Free plan or talk to an authentication expert to learn how you can provide user-friendly, phishing-resistant authentication based on industry standards. Learn more:

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