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Introducing Bitwarden Send for secure one-to-one information sharing

Sharing sensitive information, such as passwords, social security numbers, or financial documents, just got easier with the newest Bitwarden feature: Send.

Consider when a company’s outside accounting agency needs temporary access to your SaaS billing service to grab a year’s worth of billing information. Rather than exchanging account log-in credentials through a shared document or email, this sensitive information can be temporarily shared in a secure one-to-one message. This solves the need to share the information quickly without risking future exposure.

Or what if you need to submit a rental application with employment information, your social security number, address, and you don’t want that application sitting around in your email sent folder, or the recipient’s inbox forever? How would you send that document today in a secure way that expired after a day or two?

The reality is that without the proper tools, most internet users default to unsecure methods for sharing personal information, opening the door to untold vulnerabilities. This includes information persisting in email, messaging, and SMS systems without any way to delete that information.

Now, there’s Bitwarden Send, a fully encrypted method to transmit sensitive information, whether text or files, to anyone.

A new trusted way to share information

Bitwarden Send is a lightweight utility used to share information with another person for a limited period of time. Bitwarden users can easily transmit a file or text, and rest easy knowing the sent information is protected with end-to-end encryption, and will not live forever. Users choose an expiration date for the Send link, after which it no longer works to access the information.

This new feature is available on all Bitwarden clients: Web Vault, mobile, browser extensions, and CLI, meaning users will always have a secure way to share sensitive information temporarily. The Command Line Interface also provides a wide range of programmatic options to integrate with existing workflows.

There are dozens of use cases for this type of secure direct sharing:

Send emphasizes best practices for sharing sensitive information and empowers users to take responsibility for protecting their data online.

How it works

Take a look at how easy it is to use Send.

Use Bitwarden Send on desktop, mobile, browser extensions, or CLI.
Use Bitwarden Send on desktop, mobile, browser extensions, or CLI.

Responsibility falls on all of us

In our 2021 Password Decisions Survey, nearly 40 percent of IT decision makers said they use email to share a password. The survey, along with many other notable cyberattacks, highlights the need for companies to give employees proper tools and education – including password management and secure information transmission – and employees need to take responsibility for safe data sharing.

Bitwarden Send gives teams and individuals a convenient, simple way to share a piece of information using secure methods. And users have access via the same password management tool they’re already familiar with.

Read more and try Send today

If you’re interested in learning more about Bitwarden Send:

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