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Managed Service Provider GreenLoop Delivers Intuitive Password Security for Their Clients

Secure sharing of team logins, an intuitive UI, and clear documentation were among the reasons GreenLoop chose to deploy Bitwarden to its managed service clients.

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  2. Managed Service Provider GreenLoop Delivers Intuitive Password Security for Their Clients

Company Overview

  • Founded: 2011

  • Employees: 25

  • Location: Phoenix, AZ

GreenLoop IT Solutions was founded with the purpose of bringing premium IT support and consulting services to small and medium businesses that value efficiency and strong customer relationships with their vendors.


At the beginning of 2021, GreenLoop decided to add a password management solution to their general security offering that covers the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework. They saw the need for a solution that could protect their clients’ logins and sensitive information, and allow them to securely share account details.

After successfully convincing many of their clients to use a password manager, their initial choice of vendor announced it was shutting down in early 2022. GreenLoop needed to quickly find a new partner and migrate their clients’ information out of the defunct solution within six weeks, and so began an intensive vendor comparison.


Bitwarden Emerges as First Choice to Protect Clients’ Passwords

The zero-knowledge encryption architecture from Bitwarden ultimately allowed it to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the options GreenLoop evaluated. The ability to decentralize encryption, so that decryption keys never pass through Bitwarden servers, was very appealing to GreenLoop as it offered an additional layer of privacy and protection for their clients.

They were impressed that Bitwarden users can create Collections in order to securely share passwords across the organization from a central vault. In fact, GreenLoop said that of all the channel-friendly credential management vendors they evaluated, Bitwarden had by far the best implementation of centralized credential sharing across users. Other competing solutions did not directly solve the problem without cumbersome workarounds.

Why did GreenLoop choose Bitwarden?

  • Collections for secure sharing of team logins and credentials

  • Intuitive UI that non-technical clients could understand and use

  • Thorough, clear documentation and learning materials

  • Integrated one-time-password (OTP) codes

  • Open-source, open development

“The goal is to hand off password management to the clients,” said Tyler Bradshaw, Director of Account Management at GreenLoop. “MSPs don’t need to be super involved in, say, who you want to share your Staples password with. Enabling our clients to securely manage their passwords themselves is the model we’ve found to work the best, and that was certainly a challenge–more so with (our previous vendor) than with Bitwarden.”

"Enabling our clients to securely manage their passwords themselves is the model we’ve found to work the best, and that was certainly a challenge–more so with (our previous vendor) than with Bitwarden."

Tyler Bradshaw, Director of Account Management at GreenLoop


GreenLoop’s clients are mostly small businesses with limited knowledge or understanding of cybersecurity issues. “Our number one success criteria was that transition with existing clients went smoothly enough that we didn’t lose credibility with them,” said Stephen Moody, GreenLoop’s CTO. “In fact, we’ve gained some credibility with them by moving them to Bitwarden, which is easier to use. To be able to not only provide our clients with a better user experience, but strengthen their password management and overall security - this is priceless for the GreenLoop team.”

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