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The big reveal - Hidden Passwords!

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When sharing passwords within an organization, taking steps to make sure that those passwords remain secure is a necessary part of your day. We’re happy to announce that Bitwarden is releasing another layer to obscure your shared secrets - the ability to hide passwords!

This function lives life as a simple, but powerful checkbox. When assigning a collection to a group or user, simply select the “Hide Passwords” box to enable it.

Selecting the “Hide Passwords” box on Bitwarden Vault

Doing so will perform several actions:

  • Disable the “show password” button for all passwords in the collection

  • Disable the “copy” option for passwords in this collection

  • Disable the “copy” function from any hidden fields on the items

  • Hide TOTP Authentication seeds from all login items in the collection

Credentials in these collections will essentially be autofill-only, so make sure that you and your teams are good-to-go once enabled. Keep in mind that a separate collection for these most-sensitive secrets may be a good idea.

For more on how to use the autofill functions of Bitwarden, check out these helpful links:

  • Browser Extension Autofill

  • Android Autofill

  • iOS Autofill

Please note that this function is indeed a great step in security through obscurity, but as always - please treat any shared credentials, hidden or not, as if they’d been spoken about freely over a cup of coffee! Meaning while you can ‘hide’ the passwords from general users, a sophisticated technical user can still ferret out the original password.

For non-hidden information about this feature, check out our help center article here.

Here’s looking 👀 at you!

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