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Host Your Own Open Source Password Manager

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Being open source is a large part about what makes Bitwarden great. We're committed to developing Bitwarden in the open and sharing our solutions with the world. Many developers have helped contribute to the success of Bitwarden.

Thanks to our GPLv3 license you've always been able to pull down Bitwarden's codebase, hack away at it and do whatever you like. However, easily deploying Bitwarden as a usable solution outside of our normal cloud environment has been a bit of a challenge, until now…

Today we've excited to announce that deploying Bitwarden to your own hosted environment is now a first-class feature.

Whether you're an individual user that just wants more control over your own data or you're a business organization with policies that require your data to be kept on-premise, you can now enjoy using Bitwarden on your own servers with no dependency on Bitwarden's cloud-hosted servers.

Deploy in minutes


Bitwarden can be easily deployed cross-platform with Docker on Linux, macOS, and Windows machines. We provide Bash and PowerShell scripts that make this very simple. Read our documentation for full details.

This video shows a quick run-through illustrating how quick and easy it is to deploy Bitwarden to your own server. Deploy the entire Bitwarden stack with Docker in less than three minutes.

You can host it for free

As with most things in Bitwarden, it's free to host Bitwarden on your own! We do not charge to use any of our core features.

To access the premium features of Bitwarden requires that you provide a premium member license to your installation. Additionally, creating an organization account, which allows access to sharing features in a self-hosted environment, requires an enterprise license.

You can learn more about licensing on-premise deployments for premium features and organization accounts from this article in our help center.

We hope you enjoy the flexibility of being able to easily self-host Bitwarden. Documentation articles on self-hosting Bitwarden can all be found in our help center. If you have any feedback or comments feel free to contact us.

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